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12:38:11 AM Jul 26th 2010
Can someone please explain to Larfleeze why his edits are unconstructive vandalism since even he admitted that WWE did not addresses any of the legitimate criticisms of Cena and therefore did not prove his critics wrong in any way??

Therefore, there's no reason to remove it since it is obviously completely factual and truthful.
10:13:31 AM Jul 26th 2010
You're both wrong- the entire exchange you're quibbling over is Natter and never had any place on this page in the first place. The only examples that should be on this page are examples of people/characters in Pro Wrestling launching Take Thats at one another. We don't give a rat's hiney whether said Take Thats were justified or factually correct. This is irrelevant to the trope and only contributes to petty Edit Wars like this one. I've redone the whole page to put it up to standard.

I suggest you read the Tips Worksheet and make a point not to engage in these shenanigans in the future, or you're liable to run into an admin with a much shorter temper than me.
12:18:52 AM Jul 27th 2010
Entry still reads a bit too pro-Cena worship for my liking, I'd edit it and write it up to be a bit less demeaning but...y'know.

Threats like that are not exactly an endearing personal trait, either...
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