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06:02:33 AM Apr 3rd 2015
edited by DaibhidC
So what I'm getting from this page is that every time a comic book character expresses a negative opinion of another character, that's the writer displaying his or her personal dislike of the second character.

I'm not entirely sure this is the case.
06:34:25 AM Apr 3rd 2015
Most frequently not the case, I'd say.
08:45:53 AM Apr 3rd 2015
Well, it can be safely assumed that if the writer doesn't do something to show the first character is wrong, then yes, it is.

If the main character says "Spider-Man sucks" and everyone just nods in agreement, the writer wouldn't have had him say that and go unopposed if he didn't actually think Spider-Man sucked. But if a redneck says that the X-Men are freaks and is beaten for it, he's clearly shown to be wrong.

A writer wouldn't badmouth a character or idea that they actually liked without reason.
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