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10:33:04 AM Nov 12th 2014
Can I get a source on the moleke connection mentioned under creepy child? And the cruelty potential entry should be cleaned up, not to mention that shadow-guiding was the default, not an option
06:15:28 PM Apr 19th 2015
Tribebook: Mokele and the Werewolf Players' Guide both mention that metis Mokele are stillborn; I don't recall any specific references to the spirits of any werecreature in the World of Darkness entering the Shadowlands of Wraith (it's heavily implied throughout Werewolf: The Apocalypse that the spirits of dead werecreatures become Umbral spirits instead), although judging from the fact that more than a few "evil" Umbrood from Mage: The Ascension are in fact the "demon lords" served by Nephandi mages, it's not that much of a stretch of the imagination to allow the stillborn spirits of metis-breed Mokole to become Stripling spectres in Wraith.

I agree that some of the video game cruelty can be held in check by the fact that any decent group of roleplayers can prevent one person from going overboard as another player's Shadow (read: the PC's dark side) by being every bit as nasty with the cruel player's character's Shadow themselves [did that make sense? I hope so...], as well as the fact that as mentioned, an overly-active Shadow can actually cause an entire group of P Cs to be doomed to Oblivion (i.e. the proverbial Fate Worse Than Death)—although with the sourcebook Dark Reflection: Spectres, the now-evil P Cs could conceivably be turned back to the good side by their Psyches (the Spectre counterpart to the Shadow, described in-game as the Spectre's "higher self").
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