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12:18:24 PM Sep 3rd 2014
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I've cut this:

  • This loophole is non-existent, as uncured Iryan leather rots and stinks as any uncured hide. Add to that that the curing of Iryan involves boiling it in chemicals and you have relatively well armored wizards that stink like a sewer and have to replace their expensive suit of armor every week or so.

This'll take a few more words than anybody should ever put into the edit reason field, so here it is:

1.) Iryan is cured, it just isn't hardened by boiling it (historical sources can't quite agree on what the leather used for hardened armor pieces was boiled in, the writers of the game specify oil and wax). Curing and boil-hardening are not the same thing.

2.) The loophole does exist. It is specifically mentioned as such in the rulebooks (WdZ p.296 if you're using the german version).

3.) The thing about leather armor stinking refers to badly-made, cheap-ass suits. There's nothing said anywhere about properly made Iryan being smelly.
01:42:10 PM Sep 3rd 2014
Also, that entry looks like a big violation of Repair, Don't Respond.
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