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03:38:49 PM Feb 17th 2015
edited by MrDeath
Removed this from the page:

  • Five Man Band: Due to the nature of the game, each game will have a different set of 3-5 heroes, so multiple different versions of this can and will exist, but the Freedom Five (the universe's Avengers or Justice League) fits this to a T.
    • The Hero: Legacy.
    • The Lancer: The Wraith.
    • The Big Guy: Bunker.
    • The Smart Guy: Absolute Zero.
    • The Chick: Tachyon.
    • Sixth Ranger: Unity
      • Tempest takes over this role in the Iron Legacy dark future
    • Also, there are the Prime Wardens, assembled by Argent Adapt and comprised of himself, Tempest, Haka, Fanatic, and Captain Cosmic. However, it's a little harder to say for certain who fits each role given that all we know about the team is their alternate cards and a single other image.

As stated in the edit reason, Tachyon is an Omnidisciplinary Scientist, one of the team's heavy hitters, and she's never treated as the heart. If anything, Legacy is The Heart. And Absolute Zero's a janitor who had an industrial accident. He's not The Smart Guy at all. If anything, he's closer to The Sixth Ranger, joining up after the Freedom Four are formed, and being hot-headed (HAH) and rebellious compared to the others.
11:51:37 PM Apr 6th 2015
If anything, it would make more sense to keep the first three and just swap Absolute Zero and Tachyon. Tachyon pretty clearly fits "The Smart Guy", and Absolute Zero matches "The Heart" pretty well.
07:33:03 AM Apr 7th 2015
He really doesn't. He's not the moral center of the group. In fact, he didn't even want to be a hero, is mainly acting as a hero because he has to pay off his suit, and the quotes on all the cards paint him as more of an Anti-Hero than any of the others.
06:00:22 PM Apr 19th 2015
Although he comes to consider the team his family by the time of Sentinels Tactics, overcoming his initial emotional withdrawal.
09:38:26 AM Apr 20th 2015
Yes, but that doesn't make him the emotional and moral center of the team.
08:29:23 AM Feb 15th 2015
The game is for 3-5 heroes, and balances/enforces this by making a lot of villain attacks and actions based on the number of heroes in a game, so that if you are playing with 6 or 7 heroes, it's actually harder than when you're staying within the normal limits.

Is there a trope for that?
11:05:50 AM Feb 15th 2015
I dunno. Might want to ask in the Trope Finder.
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