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09:32:46 PM Jan 16th 2016
edited by Ninja857142
Regarding My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I think we need a standard definition for a "muggle". The 3 pony races generally fall under Type 2, since each race has a trait(s) that gives them a significant edge over the other two. While this may be acceptable, we may need to explicitly state what a theoretical muggle is, perhaps through a note (like the Spongebob section). From what I understand, a basic muggle is a theoretical pony without any of the 3 racial abilities, like a unicorn under disabling spell or a pegasus with his wings tied down, but who can do what most ponies are capable of.
05:18:35 AM Apr 25th 2012
edited by Ramidel
Regarding Avatar: The Last Airbender, Ozai is definitely capable of scorching the world with flame under the influence of Sozin's Comet. The scene where he fire-flies over the Earth Kingdom scorching everything in his path is pretty clear evidence of this: he reasonably thinks that he can wipe everybody who is not Fire Nation off the face of the planet. (And by analogy, if Ozai is that powerful, the Avatar in the Avatar State would have to be that strong as well.)

Being able to wreck the planet is Type 5.

On that note, Bumi (and by extension, the rest of the White Lotus benders) is shown to be capable of anti-army combat; singlehandedly taking back his city with Earthbending. An anti-army fighter is Type 4 (Piandao would qualify, except that he's Type 1).
11:36:36 PM Apr 26th 2012
I disagree. If he were capable of destroying the world in a huge blast of fire, you would be correct. But that isn't what he's doing.

Instead, he is going to destroy one nation by using a fleet of airships and a bunch of other firebenders, slowly traveling around and burning everything underneath them.

All in all, Ozai is not Type 5.
12:00:39 AM May 3rd 2012
He is going to destroy all nations except the Fire Nation in a flying curtain of fire. (Sparing the latter is a choice on his part.) Yes, it takes more than a single instant blast, but watch the scene where it happens. He's single-handedly scorching the land of the Earth Kingdom, while the airship fleet is flying behind him.
01:15:01 PM Jul 10th 2012
that only makes him a person of mass destruction ,not a world wrecking dipshit ,at the ballons rate it would take him days even though the avatar's planet seems kinda small (considering the distance they travel on foot when without appa on the second season )

an acomplished avatar can take him down and lift oceans with easy ,and even then its discussable if hes five ,i really don't think the phoenix king is type 5
05:50:15 AM Dec 13th 2012
I have edited moon waterbenders to 3 (on par with top level benders). Maybe an edit for bloodbenders?
03:31:13 PM Feb 22nd 2012
edited by RandomGMan
Just a few points about My Little Pony. 1: All earth ponies are super strong by human standards. 2: Applejack is canonically the strongest (physically) of the Mane Six, with Big Mac implied to be even stronger than her. 3: As a filly, Twilight inadvertently created an adult dragon out of a hatchling. Her full potential should be well into Level 4.
01:52:44 PM Feb 22nd 2012
edited by EarlOfSandvich
To be revised for the new rankings:

  • Drawn Together
    • Type -1: Princess Clara
    • Type 0: Spanky Hamm, Foxxy Love
    • Type 1: Xandir, Toot
    • Type 2: Ling Ling
    • Type 3: Captain Hero

  • Kim Possible
    • Type -1: Senor Senior Junior
    • Type 0: Most civilians, Duff Killigan, Ron Stoppable (usually), Dr. Drakken
    • Type 1: Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable (season 4), Senor Senior Senior
    • Type 2: Shego and the rest of the Go family, Monkey Fist,
    • Type 3: Kim with super suit, Ron at full monkey power, Warmonga and Warhawk

  • Looney Tunesnote 
    • Type -1: Wile E. Coyotenote , Sylvester
    • Type 0: Yosemite Sam, Marvin the Martian
    • Type 1: Pepe le Pew, Foghorn Leghorn, Porky Pig, Elmer Fuddnote 
    • Type 2: Granny, Daffy Duck
    • Type 3: Bugs Bunny, Speedy Gonzales
    • Type 4: The Tazmanian Devil, Tweety
    • Type 5: The Road Runnernote 

  • ReBoot
    • Type -1: Nulls
    • Type 0: Bi-Nomes, Spectrals
    • Type 1: Sprites, Hackers, Search Engines, Lower-level Viruses
    • Type 2: Megabyte, Glitch-Bob, Code Masters, Web Creatures
    • Type 3: Hexadecimal, Gigabyte
    • Type 4: Daemon
    • Type 5: The User

  • Scooby-Doo
    • Type 0: Mystery Inc. and most of the people they meet, including the celebrity guest stars from The New Scooby Movies and the recurring Blofeld-esque human villain, Simone, Lena, and Jacques or so we think, Crystal and Amber or so we think
    • Type 1: Beau Neville, most "monsters", who seem capable of some pretty impressive stunts and feats of strength even when they're not real
    • Type 2: Simone, Lena, Jacques, Crystal, and Amber in reality, Thorn/Sally McKnight, most monsters when it turns out it's Real After All, including the Zombie Island zombies and the villains from the first Three Shorts show
    • Type 3: The Goblin King, the Phantom Virus, Ben Ravencroft
    • Type 4: The green light that controls the Moonscar Island hauntings, Sarah Ravencroft

  • Sym-Bionic Titan
    • Type 0: Ordinary Sherman High students and other bystanders
    • Type 1: Lance and Illana normally, General Steel, Solomon
    • Type 2: Lance and Illana in their Powered Armor, Octus, Mutraddi Beasts, General Modula (might go up as we learn more about his abilities)
    • Type 3: The Titan

  • W.I.T.C.H.

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