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05:14:42 AM Feb 4th 2015
edited by AuraGuardian
I would like to modify the entry for El Goonish Shive with the following:
  • Spoilers after Tedd's entry and Justin's entry saying "before being marked"
  • Add Tedd and Justin to Abnormal Weight with spoilers "after being marked"
  • Add Nanase to Super Weight with spoiler "when using her Guardian Form"

I'm not quite clear on the same-person-entered-twice rules (though Nanase is there twice already), which is the main reason I'm asking.
02:43:52 PM Feb 22nd 2012
edited by EarlOfSandvich
To be revised to reflect the new ranking:

  • 8-Bit Theater
    • Type -1: All peasants, especially dwarves; all four of the Light Warriors by the end of the comic, the Onion Kid. Especially the Onion Kid.
    • Type 0: King Steve, Princess Sara, Vilbert, Bikke
    • Type 1: Fighter (at the beginning), Drizz'l, Black Belt,
    • Type 2: Red Mage, Black Mage, and White Mage (at the beginning); Fighter* (after class change), Thief, Garland, Dragoon
    • Type 3: The Four Fiends, Red Mage and Black Mage (in the Temple of Fiends)
    • Type 4: Sarda the Sage, Black Mage as King of Hell, Chaos
    • Type 5: White Mage as creator of the universe

  • Bob and George
    • Type -1: Ran
    • Type 0: Dr. Light, Dr. Wily, Mega Man(usually)
    • Type 1: Mike, and most of the Robot Masters, really
    • Type 2: Proto Man, Mega Man(at his best), Roll, Bass(also at his best, Chadling, Nate, George's old friends
    • Type 3: Bob, George, Mynd, Mega-HULK!, Charge, Bate, Protean, : Non-Alternate Mynd, Ran MKII
    • Type 4: X, George or Bob pissed off enough
    • Type 5: Dave, Fistandantilus, Bob and George's mom

  • Ciem
    • Type -1: Erin Flippo, Angie Levens (living), Charlie McArthur, most Viron University students
    • Type 0: Khumar Hamilton, Wilbur Brocklyn, Laurie Pegol, Denny Levens, most minor characters and extras.
    • Type 1: Vienna Dockler, Miriam Flippo, Steve McLaine, most Meethlites, Dolly Malestrom, Ploribus Philippine, Lloyd Kolumn, Navyrope (expanded universe)
    • Type 2: Candi, Donte, Simon, Kimi, Kyle, Charlotte, and all other supers created by the Phaelites or Meethlites.
    • Type 3: Kimi (after going One-Winged Angel in Ciem 3), Jeral Cormier/Botan.
    • Type 4: Angie Levens (post-mortem; only while others are asleep. She has no power at all when they are awake.), Extirpon (when angry and fed by another's negative energy, expanded universe)
    • Type 5: Zeran holes

  • Exterminatus Now

  • A Girl and Her Fed
    • Type -1: Most agents
    • Type 0: Most Program agents pre-activation
    • Type 1: The Fed pre-activation, Speedy
    • Type 2: The Girl, most ghost-whisperers, 146, Program agents post-activation
    • Type 3: Ghosts, the Fed post-activation
    • Type 4: Abe Lincoln's ghost

  • Looking for Group
    • Type -1: Soon-to-go-fwoosh villagers, gnomes
    • Type 0: most armies, the pirates
    • Type 2: Most of the main cast
    • Type 3: Benny, Richard (bordering with type 4 and occasionally type 5)

  • Schlock Mercenary
    • Type -1: The Kreely Slavers, The Credomar mobs
    • Type 0: Civilians, Most of the Tough's employers, Breya
    • Type 1: Kaff Tagon, Karl Tagon, Most of Tagon's Toughs, The Parkour runners
    • Type 2: Boosted Xinchub, Boosted Kevyn, Schlock, Doyt Gyo/Haban II, Civilian-vessel Shipminds
    • Type 3: Lota, Warship Minds
    • Type 4: The Fleetmind, The Pa'anuri

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