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07:31:02 PM Nov 18th 2017
Anybody gonna add Final Fantasy XIV/XV sections?
08:23:07 PM Nov 18th 2017
If you're familiar, please feel free. I personally haven't played either.
08:53:31 PM Nov 18th 2017
Neither have I. That's why I was asking.
09:01:24 PM Nov 18th 2017
Someone will, eventually. :)
08:11:53 PM Apr 9th 2018
Well there's a 15 section now but not a 14 section.
09:57:02 PM Feb 5th 2013
edited by DisturbiaWolf13
On the topic of the Elder Scrolls rankings. I would have thought that the Nerevarine would be ranked at or above the Dovahkiin's level given that by the end of the main quest he is pretty much a demigod. Thanks to the divine disease you are immortal*, have superhuman strength and endurance and are immune to illness.

  • That's in the 'ageless' sense.

09:40:54 PM Oct 22nd 2012
For the Pokémon list: Really? The 4th-7th Gym Leader is a Class 2? Not their Pokemon, the Leaders themselves? Mediums like Sabrina and Caitlin, perhaps, but that's it. Badasses though they are, Lance and Cynthia are not Story Breakers in and of themselves. Their Pokemon, sure. But. Not. The. Humans. The only human I would consider a Class 3 is Yellow, and even then, her inability to sustain her powers knocks her back to Class 2.
10:38:47 PM Sep 15th 2012
edited by seven7star
I have some suggestions.

For Final Fantasy IX, Kuja and Garland should be Class 4, since Kuja laughed off Bahamut's attack and Garland was powerful enough that Kuja feared him. Queen Brahne using Eidolons should also be Class 4.

For Final Fantasy VIII, Ultimecia should probably be Class 6. She compressed all of time, which affects more than just one planet. If the party hadn't stopped her, she would've absorbed all the entire universe, essentially becoming omnipotent. That places her in Class 6.

For Silent Hill, these are my rankings:

  • Silent Hill
    • Type -1: Cheryl in Silent Hill 1
    • Type 0: Most player characters starting out
    • Type 1: Alex right from the very beginning, most player characters by the end of the game
    • Type 2: Dahlia Gillespie is at least here (she cast multiple spells, seems to be able to teleport, and inhibited Alessa's powers), Pyramid Head (he is immortal), Valtiel (is powerful enough to easily handle other monsters and is a teleporter), Travis Grady (could control the Otherworld), Heather (she had a very accurate vision of the future in the beginning of the game, and was able to carry around "God" without suffering many ill effects, until the end of the story)
    • Type 3: Claudia Wolf is at least here (she could control the Otherworld, had "the Sight," and was likely telekinetic), Walter Sullivan (could control the Otherworld)
    • Type 5: Alessa Gillespie (created the Otherworld which not only remained after she died, but became even stronger as it was able to spread to surrounding areas)

I don't how to do that thing where you hide information and people click to reveal it, which is why I'm using parenthesis in this example.
01:46:12 AM Jun 2nd 2012
Regarding Final Fantasy VII':

Safer Sephiroth is shown, on-screen, destroying multiple planets and creating a supernova.

Furthermore, Meteor is a weapon of planetary destruction.

Both of these look to me like textbook Class 5.
10:23:13 PM Sep 15th 2012
Well, the battle animations can't be regarded as canon, because Gaia and its solar system is still there after you beat him. But I agree on him being class 5. If the party hadn't stopped him, he would've bonded with The Lifestream and become the god of the entire planet. Definitely Class 5.
04:46:47 PM May 6th 2012
Doesn't A Link to the Past strongly imply that all Hylians have magic and psychic powers in the first paragraph on the fourth page for the manual?

'With their magic infused blood, the Hylian people were endowed with psychic powers and skill in wizardry.'

At the very lest should the facts still be presented regardless of the Flip-Flop of God that Nintendo does with the series nowadays?

Also, given the fact that Link has been stated to be in the upper tear, if not at the top, in the games themselves, shouldn't he be higher on the list.
09:25:05 AM Feb 25th 2012
Regarding quarians:

Yes, they have a weakness to disease. However:

  1. According to Warlord Okeer (who should probably know), they are actually quite tough in terms of damage capacity.
  2. Every quarian is trained in the use and maintenance of technology, to the extent that they are capable of using it in combat. Skill, for example, in maintaining their shields (as we saw with Tali in ME 1), and skill in tapping two keys and making your gun explode in your hands.

So I think that the race's members fall under Iron Weight. The average quarian is tougher to kill than the average human.
09:33:47 AM Feb 25th 2012
Alright. I'm convinced.
07:59:30 AM Feb 22nd 2012
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Stuff to revise to reflect the new rankings:

Video Games

  • Ace Combat
    • Type -1: Albert Genette, Melissa Herman, President Harling, "nuggets", ground targets
    • Type 0: Allied aircraft, unnamed enemy pilots
    • Type 1: Some wingmen (Chopper, Grimm, PJ), most named aces, the entire Belkan Air Force
    • Type 2: Wingmen (Nagase, Cpt. Snow, Shamrock), Wolfgang Buchner, most boss-level aces (Yellow Squadron, Grabacr and Ofnir Squadrons, all Knights of the Round Table, Strigon Squadron)
    • Type 3: Most player characters (Blaze, Cipher, Talisman), Cpt. Bartlett, Pixy, Yellow 13, Espada Squadron, Ilya Pasternak
    • Type 4: Moebius One

  • Black & White
    • Type -1: Villagers
    • Type 2: Advisors, villagers with powers, everyone else that aren't villagers, Creatures, or gods.
    • Type 3: Creatures
    • Type 4: You and other gods

  • BlazBlue
    • Type 0: Normal People
    • Type 1: Most main protagonists
    • Type 2: Rachel, most of the Six Heroes, Ragna the Bloodedge (Azure Grimoire released)
    • Type 3: Murakumo Units, including Mu-12 aka Noel, Hazama/Terumi, Relius Clover
    • Type 4: The Black Beast, Takamagahara before Terumi neutralized them., Rachel (not holding back)

  • Claw
    • Type -1: One-hit enemies, La Roca's guards
    • Type 0: Most Mooks, Gabriel
    • Type 1: Le Rauxe, Catherine, Marrow, tiger guards.
    • Type 2: Nathaniel J. Claw, Wolvington, Red Tail.
    • Type 3: Aquatis, Omar, possibly Claw with completed Amulet.

  • Dragon Quest
    • -1 beginning adventurers, beginning monster scouts, slimes.
    • 0 presumably everyone else, early monsters
    • 1 early bosses
    • 2 midgame monsters and early players
    • 3 endgame adventurers, the first three big bads, some giant monsters, most dragons
    • 4 endgame monster scouts,later big bads, certain dragons, the God of DQVII.
    • 5 Implied for the God(ess) of whichever game you're playing

  • Final Fantasy Tactics
    • Type -1: Squires (except Ramza)
    • Type 0: Chemists
    • Type 1: Knights, Mediators
    • Type 2: Black Mages, White Mages, Oracles, Time Mages, Lancers, Bards, Dancers, Samurai, Ninjas, Assorted characters (Beowulf, Reis, Rafa, Delita, etc.)
    • Type 3: Ramza, Agrias, Gafgarian, Summoners
    • Type 4: Orlandu, Calculators, Mimes, Ultima
    • Type 5: Serpentarius

  • Geneforge
    • Type -1: Civilians, Ornks
    • Type 0: Outsider soldiers, most serviles, Low-level battle creations like Fyoras and Thahds
    • Type 1: Badass outsiders and serviles, Mid-level creations like Battle Alphas and Glaahks
    • Type 2: Outsider magi, servile cultists, Canister-augmented humans and serviles, High-level creations like Drayks, War tralls, and Drakons and Eyebeasts that lack the ability to shape, Golems, Spawners
    • Type 3: Shapers and lifecrafters (including the PC from all 5 games), Creations that can shape (Warped creators, some Drakons and Eyebeasts), Unbound, Demon-possessed golems
    • Type 4: Characters augmented by the first game's Geneforge potentially the PC and Trajkov.

  • Golden Sun

  • Lufia
    • Type -1: Jellies, Orcs, Goblins, Kobolds, other weak creatures
    • Type 0: Normal humans, merfolk, lizardmen, Tia
    • Type 1: Guy, Dekar, Aguro, Lexis Shaia and his descendants
    • Type 2: Selan, Artea, Jerin, Idura, Camu, Nazeby, Elves and half-elves, dragons and hydras, most bosses
    • Type 3: Maxim and his descendants, Lufia, Iris, eldest dragons
    • Type 4: The Sinistrals, The Dual Blade
    • Type 5: Arek the Absolute

  • Planescape: Torment
    • Type 0: Nordom, Pharod, Deionarra
    • Type 1: Morte, Annah
    • Type 2: The Nameless One (at start of the game), Dak'kon, Fall-From-Grace, Ignus, Vhailor
    • Type 3: Ravel Puzzlewell, The Practical Incarnation, Coaxmetal, Fhjull Forked-Tongue
    • Type 4: The Nameless One (at end of the game), Lothar, Trias the Betrayer, The Transcendent One
    • Type 5: The Lady

  • Sengoku Basara

  • Silent Hill
    • Type 0: The player characters and most other humans.
    • Type 1: Some of the more powerful monsters (Pyramid Head, the Butcher, etc.) who can't be killed easily.
    • Type 2: Walter, the insane killer from The Room, along with Valtiel from Silent Hill 3.
    • Type 4: Alessa Gillespie and the cult's god.

  • A Tale of Two Kingdoms
    • Type -1: King Vortigern
    • Type 0: Maeldun Whiteblade, most of the villagers
    • Type 1: Branwyn, Taliesin, Geraint, Rashakk and the goblin horde
    • Type 2: Morholt, Deirdre and the Pooka
    • Type 3: Taranis
    • Type 4: Nimwe de Danaan, Arawn Nos

  • The Tale of ALLTYNEX
    • Type 0: Most regular enemies
    • Type 1: Human Virgo and the Pheonix MkI
    • Type 2: The Kamui's, the Adjucator and the Pheonix MkII Before becoming ZODIAC Ophiuchus.
    • Type 3: The ZODIAC's, ZODIAC Ophiuchus, Satariel
    • Type 4: Alltynex

  • Ultima
    • Type -1: Most townsfolk
    • Type 0: Most human soldiers, Katrina the Shepard
    • Type 1: Shamino, Dupre and Iolo (in the games where they can't use magic), Sir Geoffrey, Julia
    • Type 2: Most mages, Mariah and Jaana
    • Type 3: The Avatar (at high levels), Lord British, Batlin and Blackthorne (when empowered by the Guardian), Mondain and Minax
    • Type 4: The Guardian, The Time Lord

  • Wild ARMs
    • Type 0: Most Civilians, Mariel
    • Type 1: Emma, Jack, Jane, Veruni in general, Rebecca, Dean, Jude, Brad, Virginia, Mc Dullen, Clive, Janus (at first), Maya, Nightburn, Ashley, Clarissa, Felius, Alexia, Lexus, Labrynthia, Ragner
    • Type 2: Rudy, Cecilia, Jet, Tim, Zed, Berserk, Boomerang, Lady Harken, Kanon, Lilka, Gallows, the Prophets (at first), Anatasia, Princess Katrina
    • Type 3: Marivel, Boomerang Flash, most Guardians, most Golems, Alhazad, Janus (after getting Zeigfried's spear and becoming demonic), Asgard (bordering on Type-4), the Prophet (after Seigfried gives them demon power ups)
    • Type 4: Mother, Zeikfried, Ragu O'Ragula, Agol Moa, Guardian Lords Raftina, Justine, Zephyr, and Luceid, Guardian of Fear

  • Xenogears
    • Type -1: Chu-Chu (without Magikarp Power), Maria (on her own), Vanderkaum, Wels. Most humans.
    • Type 0: Most demihumans, Big Joe, Margie
    • Type 1: Bart, Billy, Hammer, Jessie, Rico, Sigmund, Sigurd, Sufals, anyone empowered by Grahf.
    • Type 2: Bart (in Andvari), Billy (with El-Renmazuo), Cain, Krelian, the Elements, Elly, Fei (early game), transformed Hammer, Ramsus, Rico (with El-Stier), Wiseman, Yui, Zephyr, the Gurus, the Sufal Mass.
    • Type 3: Achtzehn, Bart (piloting Yggdrasil IV), Chu-Chu (maximum power), Citan (as a God-Mode Sue), Emeralda, Fei (early second disc), Seibzehn, Seraphs
    • Type 4: Deus (first appearance), Elly (with Regulus), Fei (with Xenogears), Grahf, Id, Miang.
    • Type 5: Deus (final forms), the Wave Existence

  • Xenosaga
    • Type -1: The generic NPCs that populate the world, Dr. Sellers, Patriarch Sergius, Allen (works his way up to Type 1 in Episode III).
    • Type 0: The Elsa Crew, Helmer, Mary and Shelley Godwin, Juli and Joachim Mizrahi, Miyuki.
    • Type 1: Shion, MOMO, Realiens in general, Canaan, Cherenkov, Pellegri, Citrine. The AGWS mechs.
    • Type 2: Jin, Margulis, Orgulla, Ziggy, Doctus, Jr., Gaignun. The AMWS mechs.
    • Type 3: KOS-MOS, T-elos, Yuriev. The party and U-Tic's ES mechs.
    • Type 4: The Testaments: Kevin, Voyager, Albedo, and Virgil. The Testaments' ES mech.
    • Type 5: Wilhelm, chaos, Abel, Nephilim, Mary. Joshua, Zarathustra, and every incarnation of Ω.

  • Yggdra Union
    • Type 0: NPCs, nameless Mauve Shirt soldiers, Monica and Canaan
    • Type 1: Any soldier at commander level, particularly named commanders. (Your army, and the Imperial Army too.)
    • Type 2: Milanor (ridiculously powerful—perhaps because of his bloodline—and strong enough to take on Superpower Lottery winners without getting wiped out instantly)
    • Type 3: Yggdra (with Gran Centurio, obviously), Gulcasa (especially with Brongaa awakened), #367
    • Type 4: Marietta (A.S. Shield + Rivelion = as hax as hax gets), Nessiah (would be unstoppable except for the Chains of Conviction)

  • Zone of the Enders
    • Type -1: LEVS, the Space Force in general, Mosquitoes
    • Type 0: Raptors, Cyclopses, Mummyheads, Naritas
    • Type 1: Leopards, Clods
    • Type 2: Jehuty, Neith, Nephtis, Ardjet, Vic Viper
    • Type 3: Anubis, Tempest, Tyrant, Nebula, Zakat Jehuty ver. 2
    • Type 4: Naked Jehuty, Aumaan Anubis
    • Type 5: Aumaan itself

Visual Novels
09:24:32 AM Feb 25th 2012
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