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12:52:32 PM Apr 9th 2012
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To be revised to reflect the new rankings:

New Media
  • Buck Godot: Zap Gun for Hire
    • Type -1: The pogs
    • Type 0: Asteroid Al, Polaris Packrat, Louisa Dem Five
    • Type 1: Buck Godot and Frakkus Godot
    • Type 2: Parahexevoctal, the Beemahs
    • Type 3: Der Rock, The Teleporter, PSmIth
    • Type 4: The Prime Mover
    • Type 5: Lord Thezmotete, the Winslow

  • Fine Structure
    • Type 0: Basic humans.
    • Type 1: Scientists with knowledge of supertech (Seph, Ching, etc.)
    • Type 2: The Powers (both spontaneous and artificial), Zykov/Oul, Mitch/Xio, all the various reality warpers pre-timeskip.
    • Type 3: Anne Poole
    • Type 4: Oul, Ching when he has all of Xio's power.
    • Type 5: The Imprisoning God (regularly re-writes the laws of physics).

  • Global Guardians PBEM Universe:

  • Whateley Universe
    • Type 0: Most 'baseline' humans.
    • Type 1: Whateley security and combat instructors.
    • Type 2: Most students and other superpowered individuals.
    • Type 3: Tennyo, Fey, voodoo-wolves
    • Type 4: Gothmog.
    • Type 5: The Tao, certain Lovecraft entities

Professional Wrestling
  • WWE
    • Type -1: Non contracted jobbers, most non wrestlers (referees, managers, commentators, valets, technicians, cameramen etc.)
    • Type 0: Contracted jobbers, most of the roster, the women wrestlers
    • Type 1: Regular main eventers and whoever else is getting a push at the moment; John Cena, Randy Orton, Triple H, etc. Some women wrestlers; Chyna, Beth Phoenix. The still active "legends"; Ricky Steamboat, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock.
      • Triple H shows flashes of being a Type 5, for those who follow things close enough.
    • Type 2: Monster faces and heels, The Giants, anyone with hulk up "adrenaline rushes" and any other gimmick that takes someone out of the norm; The original Sheik, Jerry "The King" Lawler, The WildSamoans, Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, The Big Show, Kharma, Mark Henry (recently).
    • Type 3: Papa Shango, Kane and The Undertaker during their super natural gimmicks
    • Type 4: Edge while "dating" Vickie Guerrero. Anybody with the power to manipulate match stipulations and rules.
    • Type 5: Vince McMahon, whoever else running the company. These guys salvage the plot when it is threatened by reality.

05:50:32 PM Jul 27th 2013
I've updated for the foundation.
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