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09:05:34 AM Jun 18th 2012
edited by EarlOfSandvich
To be revised to reflect the new rankings:

  • Blood That Flows
    • Type -1: Mr. Snuggles
    • Type 0: Kyouya, Miyuki, Shiro, Amy, Jail, Lotte, Aria
    • Type 1: Chrono, Gourry, Quint, Suzuka, Shamal, Zafira, Arf, Nove, Teana, Sein, Luna Inverse (after de-power)
    • Type 2: Arisa, Zelgadis, Amelia, Zest, Signum, Vita, Deed, Otto, Sette, Wendi, Tre, Fate, Reinforce Zwei, Cyborg Mr. Snuggles
    • Type 3: Yuuno (with Holy magic), Nanoha (with Chaos power and Assault Mode), Hayate (unisoned with Reinforce), Reinforce, Lina, Cinque (Berserk-Chaos), Dieci (Berserk-Chaos), Erio, Caro
    • Type 4: High ranking Mazoku and Shinzoku
    • Type 5: Lord of Nightmares

  • The Legend of Link: Lucky Number 13:
    • Type 1: Gerudo women; Zelda's elite knights; Sermonian knights; Nabooru; Sepaaru
    • Type 2: Ganondorf; Link (as Hero of Time)
    • Type 3: Ganondorf, Link (both w/Triforce of Power); Nabooru, Sepaaru (with the special weapons)*
      • High end: Link Jr, Zelda Kokiri* (from chapter 56 onward)
    • Type 4: Nocturna; Din; Farore; Nayru; Victorious; Charon (without flesh)
      • High end: Link (as a god); Link Sr; Hadrian; the Originals
    • Type 5: Fate; Destiny; Charon (with flesh)
      • High end: Link (as God of Fear)

  • With Strings Attached:
    • Type -1: The Thirders when they're shrunk, the Dandonders, the four before they get empowered, the Fans without their equipment.
    • Type 0: Most Ketafans, most tirin, New Zorkers with lousy Abilities, the goblins, Brox, the Thirders when they're normal, the Raleka in training, the skeletons and zombies.
    • Type 1: Idris, most Raleka, most skahs, Ma'ar, New Zorkers with good Abilities, Lyndess, As'taris, Stoffer Briggs, Bayanis, Eric o'the Green and his men, the Warrior Women, Mung, the Brothers of Doom, the ghouls, ghasts, and wraiths, Aurion without Brox's Kiss, Sarekyl.
    • Type 2: The Hunter, the troll, Grunnel, Kerrun, Sapsa, Aurion when she has Brox's Kiss.
    • Type 3: The four after they're empowered.
    • Type 4: The Fans with their equipment, the Dalns gods (theoretically).

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