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08:04:09 PM May 25th 2016
There seems to be a widespread problem on this page of people saying "this link goes to a disambiguation page" but then not being unambiguous about which version they want.
02:51:32 AM May 26th 2016
If you click on most of those links they lead to blank pages that are not going to be confused with another film - it just that the people who added them didn't want them to be removed because they appear as blue-links since there is page by the same name but different namespace
03:13:49 PM Mar 12th 2014
I see that "Napoleon" is one of the films needing a summary. The problem is that there are at least two films of that title - the silent classic (4 hours in its original version) directed by Abel Gance, and the all-star 1955 version directed by Sacha Guitry. There's also a 2003 TV miniseries starring Christian Clavier and Isabella Rossellini, which probably needs a works page also.
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