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01:52:30 AM Jan 7th 2018
"There's a nice wire on Batman's back as he crashes through the glass into the art museum." You mean that's not supposed to be visible? We were supposed to think he jumped instead of using the batrope?
05:25:17 PM May 13th 2017
Halloween hotlinked images.

While I'm sure there's a reason for it, the Halloween section of this page has a really jarring image asking for no hotlinked images, positioned right by the title. This adds some special effect failure to the example described, so can someone move that? Also, do we really need such a warning in the middle of the list?
03:56:09 AM Sep 11th 2016
edited by darrenr
Lost In Translation Mount Fuji

Someone has added an edit claiming that the scene in 'Lost In Translation' with Bill Murray playing golf on a course at the base of Mt Fuji features a bad matte shot. Having viewed the scene several times on Youtube, I'm not so sure. The golf course does exist, and a similar view of the volcano features prominently on its website, but I don't want to be a dick by just removing the entry. Does anyone else think this is more a case of Reality is Unrealistic?
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