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11:43:43 AM Nov 29th 2010
edited by DoktorvonEurotrash
Scrubbing out references to KIKEN. I don't care how good or bad it is, people who follow a link to this page will be looking for advice on how to write the next X, not a fairly unknown Troper Work on Fictionpress.

Deleted or heavily edited sentences will be put here for preservation. If I miss any KIKEN references, feel free to fix them.

This page still needs a bit of work, so X aficionados are welcome to add stuff and polish it up.
11:47:15 AM Nov 29th 2010
edited by DoktorvonEurotrash
"This page is dedicated to the methods of writing the next X1999 or the next KIKEN. And if you want to do a story like those two, just look it up here!

Just so you know, KIKEN is the Spiritual Successor to X."

"The things that X and KIKEN have in common is that it is a war centered around a coming apocalypse, between two groups. Often, battles between the groups are held in a remote location which humans have not noticed, or have been talking about for the past few months, like X's Kekkai or KIKEN's Hubspace Player Versus Player areas."

"In KIKEN's case, it involves a group of revolutionaries and cynicals erasing the world to create a new and better world, while a group of reformists and idealists reforming the world to make it better. Sounds familiar, huh!?"

"which in X's case, is the End Of The World, or in KIKEN's case, is the Conflict of Tin and Brass."

"But KIKEN deviates as four new members join each team.

Now for the ending, X's story hasn't been resolved yet due to a hiatus, while KIKEN has its characters earn their happy ending. A lot better if in ends in a bitter, yet sweet way."

"And no one wants to see a direct alternate retelling of X or KIKEN."

"If you want to be a Spiritual Successor to KIKEN, however, you can't just question things, you need to Lampshade the name of the story's chapter, not just for comic effect, but to have the audience say—
Audience: OMGLOOK! He just realized what's really happening by just saying the title of the thing I'm reading!
Well it may not be as straightforward as that, probably. But you get the idea. I hope."

"But if you really want to be like KIKEN, your groups must personify the Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism. One group must think that Humans Are Good, and that the world can always be a better place, while another believes that Freud Was Right, and that the world is the worst place to live in, bitch!"

(That's actually pretty interesting advice. Well, apart from the last word.)

"Take a look at X's Shinken or KIKEN's Hubspacer Equipment."

And my favourite entry-pimping in this article:

The Greats

"X1999 (the anime, really) and Troper Works/KIKEN, duh! XD"
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