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12:49:13 PM Mar 1st 2013
I loved Smallville's Noir episode, in fact I thought it was possibly the best of that Season. The way they threw in old school Superman mythology Gags was a blast, and Lana made a fantastic Femme Fatale.
06:02:31 AM Apr 13th 2012
I wonder whether it should be mentioned in the article (say, under the Pitfalls section) that the classic films noir were made in the Hays Code era, which is why it's faux pas to use profanities in the main character's dialogue, regardless of how fitting it would actually be.
08:23:13 AM Jan 18th 2012
Am I the only one who heard saxophone music in their head while reading that?
05:59:46 AM Apr 13th 2012
No, you aren't.
12:17:59 PM Jan 5th 2011
You could also add the Thief games into the mix. Though it has a less traditional setting, it's still Film Noir at its best, with every element present. BTW, I love the form of the article, the way how it's written. ;-))
12:04:35 AM Jun 2nd 2011
An idea for a story I've been thinking of based on the Noir Cosmic Horror angle I've been butting together: The story, which is for now called Arkham Homicide, stars two officers with Arkham's detectives unit, a critically underfunded part of the floundering Arkham Police Department, which has to deal with an alarming amount of criminal activity during the poverty and desperation-ridden 1930's. The detectives are often forced to deal with the aftermath of unexplainable cases, often centered around the Miskatonic University's curious occult studies. The first story I'm working on is called "The Pnakotic Murders": the DT's investigate the death of a prominent book vendor who is killed by an maddened Miskatonic Professor of Literature for the fragments of the Pnakotic Manuscript he has. The body count starts to pile up as he murders for more of the eldritch grimoire, it's weird knowledge giving him increasingly dangerous supernatural powers.
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