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04:29:59 PM Oct 8th 2013
There's a couple of questionable entries under Guide Dang It! — the trope should be "a quest so counterintuitive it's difficult to solve with only the information the game provides".

"To get the Gauldur Amulet, it is necessary to join and complete a few quests with the College of Winterhold first, otherwise it is not even possible to get into the building. Neither the College nor anyone in it has anything to do with the amulet."

How would anyone who hadn't read a guidebook/wiki know that the Gauldur Amulet even exists before they access the quest that tells you about it?
04:36:38 PM Oct 8th 2013
Ah, wait, if you find one of the other two fragments first does it not tell you how to get into Saarthal? That would be a Guide Dang It!. Maybe that's what they meant.
08:14:10 PM Jul 25th 2014
That's correct. You can start the quest by finding one of several books or just by finding an amulet piece. Two of the three locations aren't difficult to get to. One piece has its location (Folgunthur) listed in the in-game book that can start the quest. The second doesn't have its location listed anywhere, but it's in an always-accessible cave (Geirmund's Hall) near a fairly commonly-used road. The third one, in Saarthal, doesn't have anything leading to it either, but even if you are able to find the ruin, it's sealed without any clue how to get into it - it's only openable by joining the College of Winterhold (which doesn't have ANYTHING about the Gauldur legend) and you have to proceed far enough in the College's questline to have the ruin opened.
09:29:25 PM May 28th 2013
As I've been saying in edit comments, "arrow in the knee" is not real Norse slang for getting married. Apparently the line was added in the game as a reference to the fact that Skyrim did not have greaves, as Oblivion did. You can find people saying that as early as late November or early December 2011, shortly after the game was released. Whether that is true or not, I'm not certain.

But anyway, as far as it meaning "getting married", that's only started to be passed around since May 5 (this one, posted May 6, seems to be the one that most people are linking to.) If you do some searching online, you'll find plenty of Norwegians saying that it's not a real phrase, they've never heard it before. I've also seen a couple places say that it doesn't even work as a phrase in Scandinavian languages due to the wording. This person did three hours of research and didn't find anything about it meaning "getting married".

It appears to have originated as a theory/joke that someone posted on Reddit in August 2012.

At any rate, there isn't enough proof of it having this meaning - in fact, there's more evidence that it was made up. This is why I've been removing it from the pages.
11:08:34 PM Oct 3rd 2012
Concerning the Deal with the Devil thing: exactly how many entities does the Dragonborn owe his soul to? I can only count Hircine, Nocturnal, and possibly Sithis.
10:05:21 AM Jun 27th 2012
How come my entry for Downer Ending has been deleted. If you're playing a good guy, it definitely is (or bittersweet at best).

And no. The DL Cs won't change it (no matter that Paathurnax or Tsun says). They'll be Big Lipped Alligator Moments (think Shivering Isles) with no bearing to the storyline just like every DLC made by Bethesda (barring Morrowind, of course).
12:12:03 PM Jun 27th 2012
You can read the page history yourself you know...
03:06:52 PM May 7th 2012
Re: Alchemy/Enchanting bugs

The cap for alchemy/enchanting loops can actually be broken by abusing equipment bugs. The Gauldur Amulet allows a second necklace to be worn, and if you save and reload, you can equip another necklace and it will replace the Gauldur Amulet. This will allow two fortify alchemy necklaces to be worn at the same time, and their effects will stack. Another armor bug is that the Falmer Helmet will allow a Circlet to be worn at the same time as well, allowing two more fortify alchemy enchants to stack. These two bugs can allow game breaking alchemy/enchanting loops to occur fairly easily.
09:16:43 AM Apr 8th 2012
To Barrier Maiden: Is there any proof of the claim? I browsed the Wiki and looked into the game, but did not find anything yet.
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