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11:30:46 AM May 14th 2016
Removed (re: A Hearth's Warming Tail):
  • A great episode with many reflections, allusions, similarities, nuances, references, shout-outs, and any other word for perceived connections. To begin with, the prominent plot element of this story within a story deals with how Snowfall Frost's intent to obliviate Hearth's Warming Eve for all time to come mirror's Starlight's earlier vendetta against Twilight to change the past in the finale of Season 5. The consequence of effacing Hearth's Warming Eve from everybody's minds mirrors the references presented earlier on this page for changing time. For the references, look to "The Cutie Re-Mark" in Season Five's folder.
I believe that this is off-topic (would go to Call-Back).
01:07:47 PM Jul 25th 2014
edited by
I guarantee you that this show does not have as many shout outs as you think it does.
01:28:50 PM Jul 25th 2014
Shout-Out is a frequently misused trope thanks to apophenia - people will assume that the similarity between two works is thanks to a reference when it may be just a coincidence. Any such examples (i.e only coincidental similarities) ought to be removed.
04:42:07 PM Apr 16th 2016
edited by ByronFenetre
I agree, and while I use the words "nod, allusion, similarity, mirror, parallel...etc," I realize that these are heralds for my independent conjectures which may really coincidences, plain as day. Though I joined this wiki long after the post on "apophenia," I concur with the moderator's assertion. I also wish to thank the moderator for introducing me to the word "apophenia". I'm a word enthusiast/ logophile.
04:56:52 PM Apr 16th 2016
edited by ByronFenetre
I also enjoy seeing the ties people perceive between different story franchises.
03:02:33 PM Feb 5th 2013
And by shout outs we mean 'Something that may or may not bear a passing resemblance to something you saw in your favourite TV programme once.'
02:16:41 AM Aug 21st 2012
The "baked bads" of "Applebuck Season" brought this t-shirt from the welovefine.come website:

About another human case of "cooking"—a chemistry teacher making Meth :P (You can guess this one)
11:50:27 AM Apr 27th 2012
Did anyone else notice that in the Winter Wrap-Up episode, when Spike pulls the covers over his head he looks like a certain cat we all know and love? *coughGarfieldcough*

I don't know if this counts as a reference, but I think it would, wouldn't it? I mean, Spike has the blue blanket and square box, and pulls the covers over his head just like Garfield does.
01:53:37 AM Dec 18th 2011
Is this Justifying Edit a valid one for the MLP entry?
  • Prime example of the fandom forcing references where there are none. Amnion only means bowl in one single instance, "lamb's blood bowl". "Amnos" is Greek for lamb, not for bowl. So, there goes one third of the "pun". The second third, "morphic" means "shape-related", not "shaping". So, that's zero out of two. Finally, it's "bearded", not "hairy", so that's zero out of three.
06:41:11 PM Dec 3rd 2011
This page is getting rather long. It may be time to separate it into folders.
05:05:08 AM Aug 7th 2011
Is it just me, or do Snips and Snails bare a passing resemblance to Phineas and Ferb?
08:22:22 PM Jun 28th 2016
It's just you, and you need to go back and refresh your memory on Phineas and Feb STAT
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