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08:24:19 PM Jul 12th 2013
These entries should be added when it's written properly.

  • I cannot recall its title, but I remember once watching a TV movie in the late 1970s or early 1980s in which Chuck Connors played a Federal agent pursuing the film's hero. Near the end of the film, Connors opens the trunk of his car to select from a large armory the weapons with which he will confront the cornered hero. The first gun he removes is an antique Winchester rifle which he twirls and dry-fires in the distinctive fashion he used when he starred in The Rifleman. He then looks at it for a moment as though considering it, then shakes his head "no" and puts it back in the trunk.

  • (I think this was from Hannah Montana): A character is dressed as a slightly Gothic Lolita schoolgirl, with a sailor-suit outfit, thick-rimmed glasses, a bobbed hair wig, and a big white heart with the letter L in blackletter font... This is lessened by the fact that this girl is always wearing a disguise (not Hannah, another wig-otaku girl).
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