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12:31:48 PM Sep 28th 2015
In Duty Calls, Amberley cites The Abominable Chitin by Arten Burrar as a source on the war against Tyranids. Is it just me, or does his name sound just a bit like Attenborough? I'm trying to decide if the resemblance works better in a non-rhotic accent or if it's a bit too much of a stretch to include here.
01:02:56 PM Sep 28th 2015
I'd call it plausible, given the subject matter of the book in-universe and the fact that Attenborough is a naturalist.
01:10:42 PM Sep 28th 2015
Having no knowledge of any Ciaphas Cain stuff, when I read that guy's name my mind first went to Attenborough so... it does seem reasonable. But that name does apply to a few possible things, so keep that in mind.
02:44:44 PM Sep 28th 2015
O.o That was fast. Thanks for the input. I think David is the most famous Attenborough, so I'll just go ahead and put it in.
03:48:18 PM Sep 28th 2015
Heh, only because this page is on my personal watchlist :p
03:04:03 AM Sep 29th 2015
Yeah, that's definitely supposed to be Attenborough (Are-TEN Burr-Arr is close enough to "Ah-TEN-Burr-AH").
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