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10:45:59 PM Mar 27th 2014
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Is there an accepted standard as to what translation/subs to use for content on the Sentai pages? I feel as though there are some better translations out there than what's being used here in some cases. As an example, Over-Time subs the first line in the In the Name of the Moon sequence as "HEAR OUR ROAR!", which I think is much more befitting a series themed around dinosaurs with an over-the-top narrator as opposed to the much more subdued "Listen and be amazed!"
07:41:06 AM Feb 22nd 2014
On the list of characters that make up the team, before the trope lists. Should I add information on Dantetsu, Yuko and Shinya, since they ended up joining the team (albeit as Eleventh Hour Rangers), or would that be too spoileriffic?
10:34:18 PM Mar 6th 2013
edited by DamagedGears
Anyone else think that Battle Fever J comparisons are... a little too strong? I mean, it isn't as if they are incorporating their dance moves as part of their arsenal. It's the opening theme and henshin sequence that uses the dancing motif. Mecha name theme sounds like it's taken straight out of Gaoranger to boot. It feels like a very lighthearted version of Gaoranger.

I get more of a Gaoranger feel to the series than Battle Fever... For now I guess.
11:55:15 PM Feb 27th 2013
edited by ChrisX
The Five-Man Band seems off. First off, Ian being Plucky Comic Relief is just Informed Ability, as the one who's usually going to 'mess up' or be put in ridiculous situation would be the resident klutz Nobuharu (he can double that with The Big Guy), most of the time Ian is being the token cool guy, not the butt end of jokes. Also, we're not sure if Souji instantly IS The Lancer just because he acts a bit more 'distant', I think he fits better as The Smart Guy. Hey, he's a high school student AND he's probably got lots of techniques coming from his 'dojo'. The Lancer seems to be more of Ian's positioning, as he's shown to be probably the most unscrupulous member of the team.

And, um... which part of Amy is The Smart Guy? Not about calling her dumb, but she really lacks the qualification. So... explain?
12:24:42 AM Feb 28th 2013
I'm pulling the entry here; that trope gets misused and shoehorned a lot.

10:59:10 AM Feb 28th 2013
edited by DragonRanger
I'd do Ian as Lancer, Souji as a tentative Smart Guy (depending on what we see when he gets his focus episode next week), and Amy as Chick. I also went ahead and added Kid Appeal Character for Daigo separately - I agree he's that kind of character, but my issue is that it doesn't have anything to do with the Five Man Band.
07:42:28 AM Feb 22nd 2014
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I agree with Ian being Lancer, since he's usually the one designated to be substitute leader whenever Daigo isn't available (case in point, the "human Gabutyra" mini-arc). Though I suppose both him (as a strategist) and Souji (who can get pretty inventive with his sword-playing sometimes) qualify as Smart Guys.
08:21:57 AM Feb 22nd 2014
Since everyone is so unsure of who is who and whether they embody the roles they are labelled with, I reckon this is not an example at all.
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