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06:02:24 AM Jul 17th 2014
edited by IndirectActiveTransport
An agreement not to make anymore pages like this? It technically qualifies for our one rule in that it (apparently) exists but it does so as an unfinished pilot. Not never picked up but never finished. The only reason to make a page is to complain about it, which kind of is not what the wiki for. If it was the final draft, this might be understandable, maybe if it were a decade long joke that became part of a subculture like Duke Nukem Forever, but this is neither so let's not do it again.
06:38:25 AM Jul 17th 2014
I took out the complainy description paragraph. The page will need more complaining scrubbing but I am getting cross-eyed.

That said, a trailer is a work alright as demonstrated by the Toon Makers Sailor Moon precedent.
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