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05:16:18 AM Dec 17th 2011
Umm, is that paragraph about Anne Robinson meant to be on the The Weakest Link page or something?
03:46:20 PM Dec 28th 2011
No idea - deleted it, as to my knowledge she has never hosted Millionaire.
12:11:01 AM Oct 6th 2011
edited by NaphthaTurisas
Show do Milhão, the so-called Brazilian version... Looking at it and how it works, it may be better described as an early foreign example of Who Wants to Be "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" rather than a version of the show. Here's an example of gameplay from YouTube, if a visual would help anyone (I wish I could be more helpful and link a subtitled video, but I doubt I'll find any).

The show apparently didn't resemble the original British version at all even from the beginning, aside from the fact that it was close to fifteen questions for a million reais (sixteen at first... but later this became twenty-four) and you had Lifelines. But as the video shows, the set looks and sounds nothing like the original (even the US version is still close visually, even without the hotseat and with the new music) and there's other important differences in gameplay.
  • No safe havens; instead, it's All or Nothing on the million-real question and All Or Half on every question leading up to that.
  • No Lifelines can be used on the last question even if you have some left over, and none of the ones that were available resembled those of Millionaire all that directly. The only one that was even close was something like the Jump the Question of the new US format.

I'd really like some help looking into this to see if it really belongs. As I said before, to me it looks more like an imitator than a national variant of the same show, so I'm not sure examples of it should really go here. I don't know if it was ever confirmed by an official source that the show was a broad-stroke adaptation from the British Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, but from what I've seen, there doesn't seem to be a clear connection.
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