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10:11:52 AM Jul 4th 2014
When does ∆lla ever betray his brother ∆thewulf as mentioned under Aristocrats Are Evil?
12:21:28 PM Jun 6th 2014
to the original creator of this whole series of "gained knowledge" Amanita Muscaria is not the only psychoactive mushroom found in Scandinavia. A bit of research on this would tell you that Psilocybin Mushrooms are also widely distributed in Scandinavia, such as Psilocybe Cubensis which are the ones their munching on when they go to Uppsala. They also have Psilocybe Semilanceata formally known as liberty caps, Psilocybe Laetissima, along with:

Psilocybe Merdaria Psilocybe Rhombispora Psilocybe Montana Psilocybe Inquilina Psilocybe Coprophila Psilocybe Subcoprophila Panaeolus Campanulatus Panaeolus Sphinctrinus Panaeolus Foenisecii Conocybe Lactea Conocybe Cyanopus Maybe next time instead of saying "the only magic mushroom in scandinavia, you could say "the most widely known in scandinavia. thanks for the effort though.
06:18:58 PM Apr 13th 2014
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Uppsala is not flat land.

There is a nice ridge about 25 meters high and very defensible position right smack in the middle of the modern town. I know I had to climb it to see the Codex Argenteus.

See the topo detail here:

06:22:05 PM Apr 13th 2014
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Apparently the old city is north from the Upplands Museum.


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