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09:47:04 PM Feb 22nd 2013
Janus: For or against as a solution?
02:27:40 AM Jul 29th 2013
Against. I'm 99.98% sure that the Network would have sterilised everyone in the world except themselves and their affiliates and a few chosen, of course. Their plans would have put them at the helm of rebuilding civilization, according to their beliefs and their own fucked-up ideals. What's the point in bringing about the near-extinction of the human race if you're not going to be the ones to guide and shape its rebirth?

07:24:11 PM Jul 27th 2014
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Well, the first episode of the second season just debunked this. Although a Real Life example would probably go your way.

I myself don't see overpopulation as a problem, but a symptom of bad urban planning. However, Janus to me seems like quite an amazing way to treat that symptom.
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