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07:28:04 PM Apr 1st 2013
edited by Morgenthaler
A request to people who've seen this show: can someone update the entry for Torchwood for Super Weight? It's a Just for Fun homegrown ranking at TV Tropes of measuring characters' relative power in a story, divided into nine broad categories. The entry according to the old criteria was this (and can be found on the medium subpage's discussion page):

  • Torchwood
    • Type -1: Ordinary humans
    • Type 0: Rhys Williams, Ianto, Her Majesty's Government, Esther
    • Type 1: Gwen, Owen, Toshiko, Martha, human villains, Miracle Humans (non category 1) e.g. Oswald
    • Type 2: Jack, Owen late in series 2, the Weevils, most alien villains, Lisa Hallet, combat trained post Miracle Humans (e.g. Rex), Adam
    • Type 3: The 456, the fairies
    • Type 4: Abaddon, Duroc, The Doctor (no direct appearance on the show)
02:35:33 PM Aug 22nd 2012
What is up with Doctor Who Jack Harkness being way nicer as a person than Torchwood Jack Harkness?
04:40:37 PM Feb 4th 2012
Is the tone really "Doctor Who with swearing"? I'm not sure if I see it.
07:00:34 AM May 14th 2012
Likewise, I think "campy" is taking it a bit far, even if not everyone appreciates series 1 and 2 that much. Is that just me?
08:24:07 AM Aug 3rd 2012
edited by IronAnimation
TV Tropes has a Camp article, was this use referring to it being more gay? That should be specified with a link to Camp Gay. I think it isn't very campy in the "exaggerated/so bad it's good way", or in the "flaming homosexual" way.
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