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08:15:21 AM Apr 16th 2012
edited by InsomniacWeasel
Am I the only one who's at the slightest bit concerned by the massive, sexist double standard going on in here? I mean, imagine a "female equivalent" of this show: a shy, geeky girl goes unnoticed by anyone until people suddenly learn that she's been hiding huge knockers under that sweater, at which point everybody starts drooling on her.*

People would be screaming "scandal" so hard their ribs would break, and the show wouldn't survive for a nanosecond, assuming it ever aired.

But if it's a boy we're objectifying disgustingly, then it's funny and proper? I mean, the entire plot revolves around the main character having a big penis, try to wrap your mind around the sheer ridiculousness and offensiveness of the idea. I understand that it's supposed to be a very low kind of funny, but this is way over that degree.

Seriously, is nobody else bothered by that fact?

  • EDIT: They'd probably make an anime of that, though...
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