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07:02:06 PM Apr 16th 2015
Why do you say Fargo North is egotistical? Clumsy, yes, especially when he's rollerskating, also shouldn't there be a trope for The Short Circus kids emulating the adults? For example, Dwayne wanted to be like Easy Reader and Buddy wanted to be like Fargo.
03:53:54 PM Nov 15th 2014
I am a little surprised there is no sub-page on "Nightmare Fuel" for this show, especially since "Sesame Street" has a sizeable one.

Granted, SS has had a much more substantial run but "Electric Company" offered its share of kindertrauma (the "Monolith" series of shorts come immediately to mind.)
01:31:14 AM Nov 16th 2014
I suspect it's simply that no-one already started one.
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