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03:07:00 PM Mar 15th 2016
This page is going to need a major overhaul, because it looks like all the links to specific videos are defunct. Comedy Central has overhauled the Colbert Report website. Whether the videos are totally gone or have just been removed, I don't know, but the result is the same for this page. I might get around to it, but I want to say I really appreciate whoever carefully sourced the tropes to the videos that inspired them, because that's a lot of hard work that really enriched the page. I'm sorry it's gonna have to go.
06:52:39 PM Aug 6th 2012
What Do You Mean, It's Not Awesome? has been renamed to Mundane Made Awesome because of widespread misuse. Its sad that a show which virtually runs on Mundane Made Awesome doesn't seem to have any actual examples listed (something I'm about to fix). Here's what was there:

09:39:15 PM Mar 27th 2012

This is at best a weird way of putting it. The actor is a Southerner, he went to school in Chicago to lose the accent.
09:43:06 PM Oct 6th 2011
"Heterosexual Life-Partners: When does Sir Dr. Stephen T Colbert DFA plan on retiring? Half an hour after Jon Stewart."

Does anyone know where this came from? When Stephen said it, I mean?
07:46:33 AM Aug 17th 2011
Is is just me or did Colbert reference NGE with the Tang thing during the space video on the August 16, 2011 show?
02:41:14 PM Apr 20th 2011
Peter Grosz is performing in the Dr. God Revival Show at iO West in Hollywood on Saturday, April 30th at 10:30pm! The Dr. God Revival show is an improv show at iO West that basis their scenes on a special guest star and, this time, it's Peter Grosz! Tickets are only $10! For more information, please go here:

For tickets, go here:

09:37:09 PM Oct 12th 2010
I'm curious about why you keep adding in that link, despite repeated removals, Rupert.

I'm also hoping you have this page watchlisted.
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