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09:59:59 AM Dec 4th 2010
I felt the introduction to this article was way too negative - not to mention factually incorrect - so I rewrote it. Some facts that have come to light with the new DVD releases have changed a lot of people's attitudes towards certain things related to the bionic shows. The fact the slo-mo was inspired by NFL Films for one thing (and used as an alternative to "Keystone Cops"-like effects that otherwise would have been the only other option in the mid-1970s). Those who laugh off the show also tend to ignore the fact it is one of the only SF shows in American TV history to win a major acting Emmy Award (even Star Trek, Firefly and the new Battlestar Galactica can't claim that). The new version, I would hope, is more accurate in describing the show and its reaction (if anyone needs to verify anything, read The Bionic Book by TV historian Herbie Pilato or get the DV Ds). As far as criticism, I think the tropes discussions handle that more appropriately.
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