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05:10:04 PM Dec 10th 2012
Seeing as each season has individual character pages, would anyone take the daunting challenge of separating the main page by season?
06:22:25 PM Apr 21st 2013
Aaand I did it myself.
06:42:02 PM Apr 21st 2013
While I have no particular issue with this, you are creating separate pages for each season when character pages already exist, and leaving them separate. Both are not needed, and should probably be combined in some way.
06:45:23 PM Apr 21st 2013
Not all of the tropes fit onto character pages, though I have kept the pages (Series and Characters) linked by title.
07:02:24 PM Apr 21st 2013
The issue is, you created a bunch of pages that are unnecessary considering that they contain so few examples. If you don't want to add them to the character pages, you should probably just make a "season specific" folder instead of creating pages that make the page more cumbersome to navigate than it was already.

Second, you took an axe to the page when it needed more of a scalpel. Examples such as In-Series Nickname do apply to the series as a whole, even if all the examples are from different seasons. Plus, all the specific nicknames are already listed under the Character Pages.
07:16:06 PM Apr 21st 2013
Mmm? The reason I made the pages was because the main page was quite long—not long enough to break the page, but long enough that it could be sectioned. Consider a single Characters/ page that covers 22+ seasons. I'd think it would be cumbersome to read through if it were kept to a single page.

I moved the tropes that were already on the page to the individual pages; any redundancies can be deleted and could have been done so while they were on the main page. Examples that apply across seasons, I've kept, though the all-stars examples may only be on the pages where the original team came from.

If you feel as if you wield a scalpel better than I do on this subject, you may use it. :)
07:33:58 PM Apr 21st 2013
Again, it's not the sectioning that I have an issue with, it's the creating of so many extra, unnecessary pages. Look at how the Survivor page is laid out for an example. Examples like The Maze, which only applies to Season 5, probably should be separated into another folder to keep it becoming cumbersome.

And if just creating a separate folder is not what you had in mind, and if you don't like adding the few season-specific examples to the top of each character page, then the Series and Character pages would probably be better combined into a single Season Recap page.
04:20:32 AM Apr 22nd 2013
I just did, and it's even lengthier than this page. Long pages get new sub-pages, and to keep the pages parallel with the character ones, I chose to divide them by season. I would have no qualms about merging the season pages into one per season, though I'd keep the character tropes individualized instead of pooling them back together.
09:58:28 AM Apr 23rd 2013
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I'm with almightyblue. I would prefer to keep everything on the same page - maybe using more folders - but if we're going to split off into multiple pages, then twenty-odd pages is overkill. Let's cut it down to... let's say five at most. We can just group stuff alphabetically (See Avatar: The Last Airbender or Girl Genius for examples), or we can continue grouping stuff by season like it is now; we just put multiple seasons on one page (an S1-5 page, an S6-10 page, etc.)
03:29:40 PM Apr 24th 2013
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After paring down the season pages to just the season specific tropes, most of them aren't long enough to justify a separate page for each season. There's somewhere around 120 tropes total between all the pages, which comes to about 5.5 tropes per page, and that's before you combine tropes that are on multiple pages like Description Cut. Plus, most of the character pages contain more tropes than that.

If there's going to be separate pages, my suggestion would be a page for the International Versions, a page for the All-Stars era tropes (1-11), Unfinished Business era tropes (12-18) and post Unfinished Business era tropes (19 and on).
07:25:57 AM Sep 21st 2012
their was one season of the American one where their was two reams racing to dig the last 7:30 ticket up. Only problem was their were 3x7:00 ones still remaining. Would that be Failed a spot check?
11:04:10 AM Sep 21st 2012
Are you talking about the season 7 premiere? That would be Reality Show Genre Blindness I think, as the teams didn't even check the other flight times, one just started digging at the first one they came to, and the others followed.
11:09:52 AM Mar 4th 2012
I added Anticlimax the other day and returned to see that it had been moved to YMMV. Anticlimax is not on the YMMV index and is not marked as a YMMV trope. I inquired on Ask The Tropers and received a reply from Fast Eddie that it is not subjective and should be on the main page.

It does bear mentioning that a lot of the examples listed under Anticlimax were basically complaining about endings, which doesn't seem to fit. "Fan favorites Jet and Cord" losing the race might have been disappointing if one was rooting for Jet and Cord, but there was a climax; they did race to the finish. I listed the end of Season 19 for two reasons: first, it was an objective Anticlimax, as Ernie and Cindy won the Race with ease and a total lack of suspense due to Jeremy/Sandy and Amani/Marcus both screwing up in different ways, and second, because it was the most important Anticlimax in show history, being a finale. Offhand I do not recall another edition of TAR that ended in such a manner, with it being perfectly clear barely halfway through the episode who would win.
03:13:44 PM Mar 4th 2012
Yeah, I moved it to YMMV a long time ago because the way it was presented was subjective. There was something else wrong with it, but I wasn't quite sure, so I just put it there for the time being. Thanks for clearing it up.
11:15:35 AM Sep 8th 2011
Um, how is Liz and Marie a Theme Twin Naming? Is it referring to the fact that the Liz is short for Elizabeth and Marie is like Mary, which can be short for Mary Beth? I'm confused.
08:00:48 AM Sep 29th 2011
It's not, it's listed under Averted, just like Shola & Doyin.
12:32:31 PM Dec 13th 2010
edited by DonaldthePotholer
Though the teams have not been officially announced, they have been revealed to be...

Come on, people! Have we learned Nothing? Never Trust a Trailer!
10:34:48 PM Aug 20th 2010
I'm not against putting the US version in it's own folder. The problem is, as it was, several of the tropes referred not just to the American version, but every version. Since up until now this page has generally been about the American version of TAR, with just mentionings of the other other versions, one of three things probably needs to happen:

A) New pages for other versions of the race. The problem with this is there would not be enough difference between the different versions of the show to warrant more than one page.

B) Leaving it as is right now, with the page mainly being about the US version, and the other versions having their own folders.

C) Extracting the tropes that refer to all three versions from the main body, and putting them into a "All Versions" folder, while putting everything that refers to the US version in a "United States" folder.

I'm leaning towards C, but I have no problem with B either. What does everyone else think?
02:24:58 AM Aug 21st 2010
I think C is the better choice. The page is quite lengthy, but since most of the tropes are related to all versions a page split would only bring us to unnecessary duplication (so A is out). On the other hand, if we left the page as-is and added tropes pertaining to the international versions anyone who wanted to read about just the international versions or the all versions tropes would have to go spelunking in the United States folder to find that, which could easily prove to be annoying.
11:35:14 PM Aug 21st 2010
That was my thought. Okay, I'll start going through them later today and making a "All Versions" folder
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