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09:06:05 PM Apr 17th 2013
Tessa gives us the Theme Tune Cameo in the Season 2 premiere, with lyrics about Alex's regrets about leaving George with a baby daughter because she wasn't ready and the thought of her daughter growing up happily without knowing her mother was a bittersweet 'Pleasant Nightmare.' The Season 2 finale has George singing a song with the same chorus about having potentially irreparably damaged his relationship with his daughter and that his 'Pleasant Nightmare' was Tessa living happily without him.

Perspective Flip?
02:02:33 PM Jul 18th 2012
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Tessa argues that she should be allowed to decide how to run her life by saying that, in some countries, she is old enough to marry. George says that in some countries, he could sell her for rice. Analogy Backfire?

A slightly roundabout possible example of Bread, Eggs, Breaded Eggs - suggestions for a change in behaviour include, "Drugs, hard drugs, sex, sex to pay for drugs..."

EDIT: I'm not sure how relevant it is because it's not in-universe, but California Doubling is in effect. Someone found the Altman house in Toluca Lake, CA. http://www.seeing-stars.com/locations/TVlocations11.shtml They included proof via Google Streetview.