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01:59:07 AM Feb 6th 2017
edited by LB7979
There are several Tropes listed here on this page that This Troper thinks don't apply, but I don't want to take the brute option to just remove them; so please discuss.

- Bifauxnen - Example is about a girl that wears a tuxedo, but that is the only traditional-gender-definition-defying act happening here; in no way is Ruthie (the character in question) androgynous (which is pretty much the definition of the Trope); she's just a girl that wears a tuxedo. For "Bifauxnen" to apply, doesn't it have to be a girl that is androgynous?

-CharacterAsHimself - The dog is listed. Uhm, isn't pretty much any non-human actor / character, "playing themselves" by definition? Also, the entry refers to Happy the dog as "ever suffering" - doesn't apply, as Happy the dog was lovingly adopted by the Camden family and well-cared for and adored by them throughout the series.
02:40:17 AM Feb 6th 2017
edited by LB7979

- Older Than They Look: Beverly Mitchell, who played middle daughter Lucy, was actually one year older than Jessica Biel, who played oldest daughter Mary.

—- Cool and all, but doesn't this belong unto "Trivia", as opposed to "Main"?

- Once an Episode: Look up and down this trope list, and chances are this trope can apply to any other trope here.

—-...Uhm, too generic and un-specified...

08:50:12 AM Feb 6th 2017
He mother expected her to wear a dress. Ruthie wanted to wear a tuxedo. If she had been told to wear the tux I would agree that she's just a girl that wears a tuxedo. "Sometimes in the episode they're introduced, they're confused for men..." but that doesn't sound like a requirement.
01:33:07 PM Feb 9th 2017
Ok, agreed. Edited the Happy example after finding out in Is This An Example forum that it's actually As Himself.
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