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08:44:22 AM Dec 2nd 2013
Pulled this from Deconstructive Parody:
  • The "Laser Cats" sketch is a particularly interesting example. Though it never mentions any actual properties, it manages to be a spot-on parody of Gundam Wing — an overly dramatic story full of grandiose speeches about war and justice wrapped clumsily around a cartoony, Merchandise-Driven concept.

First off, to claim it's intentionally based off of Gundam Wing is... a huge stretch. It doesn't mention the "Deconstructive" part at all, and it's just a weird vehicle to bash Gundam Wing.
09:47:24 AM Jul 16th 2013
O god I ony realized after reading about half of the Trivia page that G Ecafe must have written this. You fat horror.
11:09:37 AM Jul 16th 2013
... huh?
05:57:20 PM Feb 22nd 2013
Visited this page a few days ago and frankly, it's kind of a mess. There is a very long section on "notable" cast members that is filled with a lot of what can only be called Casting Trivia—so-and-so was the first cast member who was the child of a previous cast member, somebody else was the first U.S. Marine to be on the show, etc. I propose to cut out a large amount of that text, leaving the people who are actually notable like Tina Fey or John Belushi or Phil Hartman on the front page. The rest would go unaltered on the Trivia tab and would be labeled "Casting Trivia". Thoughts?
04:54:23 PM Jun 4th 2013
So I went back and moved that info. It seems like the front page is not the place to put "so-and-so is the first cast member to be married" or whatever, and the introductory front matter is definitely not that place. The "notable" cast member section should deal with cast members who were actually notable, like Eddie Murphy or Kristen Wiig.
02:24:33 PM Oct 27th 2013
After coming back here and giving it further thought, I moved everything to the Casting Trivia subsection of the Trivia page. It seems to me like the main page and the front matter is not the place to have long, detailed biographical notes of the cast members, even if you take out the obvious Trivia material like Rob Riggle being the first U.S. Marine. Could there be another sub-page with that material on it?
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