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03:46:54 PM Jun 16th 2012
I'm sure there was a discussion around here a day or two ago. Or was I imagining it?
12:54:09 PM Jun 27th 2012
edited by AgProv
Damn, no, I was talking about the two extant versions of the Neil Innes song, Front Loader, and writing a spoiler for the Innes Book of Records version - Innes plays a nerdy, possibly virginal, student riding a bike to the local laundrette to do his washing. A girl in there smiles at him and makes it clear she likes him. She drops an unsubtle hint or two. But being shy and withdrawn, he finds it easier to have a fantasy about her stripping for him. This fantasy is played out in the front window of his washing machine - and has a neat twist in the tale. There now. Delete this if you wish.