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08:24:30 AM Aug 28th 2013
So, in the first season it's implied that Frost blames his father's distant nature for the split between his parents. Later we learn that his mother is getting married to another woman. So would that fall into Unfortunate Implications, or Incompatible Orientation?
06:06:33 AM Feb 3rd 2011
Why did the Les Yay get erased? I enjoyed that section of this page and I thought it fit. Not angry, just curious.
09:32:34 AM Feb 3rd 2011
Probably got moved to the YMMV section, like all the fun tropes these days.
03:39:14 PM Jan 28th 2011
Wow, much thanks to Old Man Ho Oh for cleaning up the page. Seriously, it was a mess.

Also, I don't know. Is that thing where Jane and Maura literally say that not only are they not gay, they wouldn't be into each other if they were... how on Earth is that a ship tease? They literally said that there's no way that would ever happen. There's few more direct ways to go about Ship Sinking.
06:09:42 AM Feb 3rd 2011
That's what everyone who's paired in a ship does. That's because most romantic comedies and romantic couples on TV (not just sitcoms) always start with the two in question not liking each other and no way for them to be a couple. In short, it's not an effective ship sinker. Granted, that doesn't mean the characters will get together, it's just not the best argument for any coupling.
12:44:48 PM Feb 6th 2011
Eponymous Kid, I was just wondering, what was so messy about this page? Was it Trope Overdosed or something? If so, I didn't mean to. This was my first time setting up a page here and I tried to mention whichever tropes applied to the show, subjective or otherwise. So if I did put in too much, I'm sorry for cluttering up the page.
01:49:48 PM Feb 6th 2011
There was a lot of opinionizing and Shipping Goggles cluttering virtually every example up. That's pretty much it, but it was a problem. Just try to avoid that kind of thing in the future i guess.
03:01:58 PM Feb 6th 2011
Did anything actually get moved to tabs like YMMV? It seems like everything was just deleted.
09:16:03 PM Feb 9th 2011
Alright, EK, I'll do what I can about Season 2. I'll try to avoid subjective tropes and shipping if it is completely possible. I can't say I promise to be better about it, but I can sy I will do my part to make it better this summer when the new episodes roll in.
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