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05:20:59 AM Jan 13th 2013
edited by MithrandirOlorin
The closing credits scene where we see 5 Hoodies on a rack suggests to me the "-A Team" has 5 members, and thus may well be a Five-Bad Band

Big Bad or The Dragon: Whoever was in the Red Coat at the end of unmAsked

The Dragon or Evil Genius: Mona

The Brute: Toby

being what's confirmed so far, but my current theory is

Big Bad: Courtney, Alison's Twin

The Dragon: Aria's split personality

The Brute: Toby

Evil Genius: Mona

The Dark Chick: I'm the least certain on, Cece could work, but I'm also thinking Ezra makes sense only in the context of my Dragon theory being right.
06:38:16 PM Aug 7th 2012
Are there any tropes for Ezra's mother? And Ezra's mom herself made me think of categorizing the girls all as The Chew Toy. Even when A isn't involved, something happens to make their lives just that much tougher.
04:34:55 PM Jul 29th 2012
Alison's dad is a complete douche! (Major spoilers for the novels.) He knows that Alison has a twin! But when Hanna says that she thinks she saw Alison, he doesn't come to the logical conclusion, but the idea that Hanna was being a bitch. And what about the detective? The manner in which he talks to the girls is blatantly threatening and he's more than willing to act this way when they don't have their parents with them. Isn't that lawsuit territory?
05:46:08 PM Jul 29th 2012
Well, I have no explanation for why they don't sue the cop, but for the first part, we can't assume that the adaptation is completely following the books, although it did by having Mona be A. Perhaps TV Ali has no twin, which would mean Alison's dad would have no reason to reach that conclusion.
12:05:22 PM Jul 31st 2012
But the only possible explanation for Hanna seeing Ali, as well as both Spencer's and Emily's dream sequences about her is that Courtney!Alison's twin does exist in this adaptation and that she's on the loose! And the girls have also proven that they're capable of proving when people are harassing them. Remember what they did with Hana's stepsister? It wouldn't take much to do that with the jerk detective.
03:54:24 PM Jul 31st 2012
edited by Aspie
Well, it might be the only thing that explains Hannah's Ali sighting, but Spencer and Emily's dreams could be just that.
07:12:15 PM Oct 6th 2014
06:56:39 PM Jun 12th 2012
Spencer just pulled a Batman Gambit on Jenna
08:38:34 AM Jun 1st 2012
A is clearly a Magnificent Bastard, as was Allison, and I don't agree with the Hidden Villian statement, the person in the Red Coat at the end is just the Bigger Bad, who A is is fully revealed now.
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