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03:23:16 PM Dec 9th 2013
Does anyone else notice the Magnificent Bastard and Dangerously Genre Savvy tropes of Venjix? He actually take over the world, or most of it, and comes closer to absolute victory then any other Sentai/Ranger villain.
06:30:04 AM Feb 13th 2012
Why exactly are Gem and Gemma called the Marmite Twins?
10:33:27 PM Sep 20th 2011
Other than Rule of Funny is there a reason why Ziggy is under The Chick for their respective roles? I can agree with Summer being The Heart, but given that Ziggy is, well, a boy no matter how many feminine tropes he fulfills (which, honestly, I don't see to begin with), he still can't be The Chick by definition, I'm wondering if it's just a typo.
02:22:06 PM Dec 5th 2012
The Chick's page is currently messed up, 90% of Tropers agree The Chick can be a Male (just view the discussion pages for both The Chick and Five-Man Band), I have a story I'm writing that goes out of it's way to have The Chick role filled by The Twink.
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