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12:20:48 PM Feb 26th 2014
I'm pretty sure that the Super Mega Blasters DID have lasers effects edited in. It sure looked like it to me when I was watching the first episode...
09:28:25 AM Jul 19th 2013
Have episodes 10 and 11 actually aired yet? It seems like they haven't, but this page has already been updated to talk about Ultra Mode, which is supposed to debut in episode 11...
12:33:37 PM Jul 19th 2013
10 and 11 haven't aired yet, but a trailer showing the mega mode form was released.
01:41:36 PM Jul 19th 2013
So, I'm guessing we still have no idea when the show will start airing new episodes again...

Is it just me, or is Nickelodeon actively screwing the franchise over much like Disney had been doing? I mean, there's that stupid 20-episode limit (which I'm pretty sure doesn't actually apply to ANY other show on that channel; I mean, book 3 of Avatar the Last Airbender had 21 episodes), the constant hiatuses, the lack of promotion, etc.
02:47:00 PM Jul 19th 2013
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Indeed, no idea when we'll get new episodes. It's quite frustrating, to say the least.
08:46:36 AM Feb 6th 2013
Oh come on Tori (Ninja storm blue ranger) didn't even think power rangers were real!
08:47:09 AM Feb 6th 2013
So you know, the arbitrary skepticism can be argued with
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