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12:22:00 PM Apr 3rd 2014
What does and does not count as a spoiler at this point? We have Nathan's immortality whited out but not the fact that he wasn't in it for the last few seasons, for example.
08:39:04 AM Apr 16th 2013
  • "In series three, Nathan has left to seek his fortune in Vegas, and, the other characters have all swapped their original powers for new ones: Alisha now can see through other people's eyes, Simon can see briefly into the future, Kelly is a rocket scientist, and Curtis can change his sex. At the end of series three Alisha has died and Simon goes back in time to save her, while Kelly goes on holiday to Africa and stays there to use her knowledge of mechanical systems to defuse landmines, therefore leaving the show between series three and four. In the middle of series four Curtis become a zombie after getting bitten and commits suicide by shooting himself in the head in order to stop his bloodthirst so no one else gets bitten, which means all original characters are no longer on the show and Kelly and Nathan are the only surviving original characters."

This seems like a really big block of spoiler'd text. Would there be any way to shorten it or reduce the spoilers a bit?
01:07:59 PM Dec 6th 2012
Series 4 Five-Man Band.

The Hero: Rudy

The Lancer: Finn

The Smart Guy: Jess

The Big Guy: Alex

The Chick: Abbey

Too early?

07:50:53 PM Dec 9th 2012
edited by reno2200
I'm not sure that Finn is The Lancer to Rudy. Finn is kinda Rudy Lite rather than acting as a foil. Jess is the level-headed one that's always abusing Rudy's lack of understanding of sarcasm. Abbey hasn't really done much, so it might be too early to call her The Chick... or her not doing much might prove your point. Agreed on Rudy as The Hero (the best actor gets the biggest role, I guess) and Alex as The Big Guy seeing how he'll happily fight for what he believes in. Unfortunately, I'm not sure Alex will feature much in Episode 8

EDIT: Ok, so I was wrong about Alex. Looks like he's getting a power next year too. To clarify:-

The Hero: Rudy

The Lancer: Jess

Tagalong Kid: Finn (doesn't do much, The Power of Love infused TK aside, YMMV The Scrappy, not too bright)

The Big Guy: Alex

The Chick: Abbey
06:53:59 PM Nov 25th 2012
Drama-Preserving Handicap - Finn's near-useless telekinesis. Used to move a plant pot slightly off a shelf, nudge a mug and push a can very slightly so it made a noise five metres away. All of this took much effort and focus. As seen in Heroes, telekinesis is "top tier" in terms of superpowers, so to have it rendered this useless means that the character isn't overpowered at all. It also fits with the 'slightly rubbish' superpowers frequently shown on the show. Basically, is this Drama-Preserving Handicap or is it something else? (Especially as it's mainly Rule of Funny over Rule of Drama)

Another example would be one of the teleporters. The first guy shown can only teleport very short distances after much concentration (and it was pointed out that you could walk there faster) in contrast to the second, who had something more like Power Incontinence.
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