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01:47:17 PM Mar 5th 2013
Of what trope is this an example of? Dead Little Sister is gone.
  • :
    • Used with a huge twist. Olivia's half-brother Simon is accused of rape. The accusation turns out to be false, and the one who framed him was the older sister of a mentally unbalanced woman he once dated, who became a deadbeat after she accused him of rape and eventually committed suicide because of it. In reality, she was molested by her father and only cried rape because his innocent advances caused flashbacks of abuse.
    • Again, used with a huge twist in "Bullseye". Whenever suspicion falls on him, the neighborhood watch leader Erik Weber gets weepy about his younger sister who was raped as a child and committed suicide because she couldn't deal with the resulting trauma, citing this as evidence that he could never hurt a child. The twist? Not only is Erik the perp du jour, his sister 1) is still alive and 2) was raped by HIM.
10:14:31 PM Jan 15th 2012
edited by Camacan
A list of "partial aversions" with lots of natter. This one needs to be cleaned up into clear straight examples, if any exist here. I can't see one. Mostly it seems like editorializing. Example Indentation: the first sub-example should be in a double star, the triple-star stuff is not sub-sub-examples and shouldn't be in triple stars. Double/triple stars are not the equivalent of paragraph breaks and we don't want examples going Thread Mode: this is an article, not a forum thread.

  • Rape Is Ok When It Is Female on Male: The unit tries to disprove this common trope (after three Wall Street higher-ups females gang rape a male dancer after a party in one of their apartments to which they hired him and two kill the one who repented * and* wanted to turn herself in), but Fin * still* cracked jokes about it and Elliot found it hard to believe. Also, despite dealing with this issue several times, SVU still manages to be surprised and confused every time it pops up. In general, the crew tends to be openly sympathetic to female offenders if the victim is male.
    • They did it again when a woman seduced a slew of famous men, drugged them with GHB, and stimulated them with a cattle prod. The looks of horror on Fin and Stabler's faces were priceless.
    • Slightly averted in the episode "Head". When an illegally planted toilet camera records footage of a young boy being sexually assaulted, the cops are shocked to realize the assailant's a woman (they can't see her face, but notice her manicured nails). It is treated with the proper seriousness and respect such a matter deserves, until we find out the reason for the woman's behavior she has a brain tumor that is destroying her impulse control, a sympathy-inducing reason that I doubt would have been used were she male and/or her victim female.
      • She also sexually assaulted Stabler which somehow started her sympathetic portrayal, can you imagine that happening if someone assaulted Benson?
      • Actually, there have been male perps with sympathy-inducing medical reasons for what they do - in one episode a horrific killer became somewhat tragic after it was revealed his brain had been destroyed by syphilis, and in another episode a male assailant was revealed to have damaged impulse control owing to head trauma caused by years of child abuse.
    • Another episode had a variation where a college girl accused two other students of raping her. The crew arrests them both, but then find out that the girl was openly flirting with them and it was completely consensual. Charges are dropped, but the two boys she accused are left expelled from NYU, with one's parents rather reasonably demanding she be reprimanded. The crew of course are very reluctant to punish her for this, even before they find she has Bipolar Disorder. Baseless accusations of rape are okay when its female on male.
      • Every character's behavior in that episode was completely bizarre. Later in the episode, she attempts to kill herself by crashing her car. On a busy sidewalk. She injures about a dozen people and kills a 14 year old girl. Every single character is completely sympathetic to her. The same people who rant about how ridiculous every single male rapists' attempts to use the insanity defense buy hers hook, line, and sinker.
      • They were expelled for having sex during school time which was against the rules. She was too, but it was easier to miss. Never mind the long-term effects the false accusation of rape will have on the boys. One of them, who happens to be black...
06:16:33 AM Jun 19th 2011
I've done some minor cleanup (mostly moving a couple of tropes to their proper pages, and a few minor grammar edits), but I'm not sure if and how these things need fixing:

1. A dozen or so secondary bullets and flagged as YMMV because they contain potholes to YMMV tropes. I think most if not all of those tropes are <em>also</em> on the YMMV tab already, so should these sub-bullets be deleted, edited to remove the potholes, or just left alone? (I suppose they could also be hidden-flagged as "in-universe", but that seems like abuse of the "in-universe" flag to me.)

2. YMMV tropes on the character page: should those be moved/deleted, soft-splitted, or what?

Also, I deleted a misplaced secondary bullet — "Deconstructed once, when Elliot genuinely tries to help a female victim but she's such a case of Does Not Like Men that she shoots him down repeatedly." If anyone can figure out where it originally belonged, please feel free to put it back. :)
08:53:16 PM Dec 22nd 2010
I was just watching the season 12 episode "Branded" description here and I noticed that the judge from that episode was being a really big jerk (kinda like Judge Judy) and I don't know if that is reason enough to list her (the judge) as a jerk or not.
03:19:34 PM Nov 3rd 2010
Is it just me, or does somebody who edits this page have their shipping goggles set to "irrational"?
06:06:22 AM Aug 29th 2010
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Is Children of Ariel Fridge Brilliance or simply Late to the Punchline? My understanding of FB is that it bothered you until you thought about it, while LTTPL simply didn't ping any emotion until later.
11:34:43 AM Jul 20th 2010
HEY! Elliot/George is totally a Crack Pairing!
03:22:06 AM Aug 1st 2010
edited by Alexaxle
No, it's not. Bound, anyone? Execution? Coerced? Those episodes, at the very least, take it out of the "crack" category. It doesn't make it likely but it definitely isn't crack. However, I think we can all agree that Huang/Fin is a crack pairing.
07:02:09 PM Jun 17th 2010
edited by koook160
I'm thinking about puting in a Dethroning Moment of Suck on the page after seeing Shattered. Should I refrain?
03:21:32 AM Aug 1st 2010
Seriously, go for it. Everything from Marlow to the crime to the fact that Huang got 2 seconds of screen time made it effectively the worst episode ever.
03:35:40 PM Jun 13th 2010
Does anyone know of an episode where the bad guy is a hotel valet who takes rich kids rides and goes joyriding? He's apparently a sociopath and in one of the conversations with Elliot, Elliot asks what his mother did to him to screw him up so bad and the bad guy just laughs and says that his mother did nothing to him, not even raise her hand to him. I honestly can't remember anymore of the episode but I really want to see it so I would greatly appreciate it if someone gives me the name of the episode.
04:51:07 PM Jun 14th 2010
Nevermind, I found it. It was 'Soulless'.
01:56:49 PM Apr 13th 2010
So uuh...does anyone else think it's wrong to root FOR the bad guy when watching this show? I mean, absolute idiocy of the detectives on this show makes it far more enjoyable if you're hoping they lose. And some of the bad guys really are Affably Evil. Sometimes.

However, if the person really is a complete monster, I won't root for them, just not actively like the detectives either. I mean,Even Tropers have standards.
01:31:00 AM Oct 20th 2010
Actually I think it's perfectly fine to root for the bad guy. The more I watch the less I start to like the detectives, especially Benson and Stabler. Behave made me want to stop the DVR (I'm in school by the time the new episodes air) and I'm currently watching one where they basically end up ruining an previous offender's life and right now I feel like listing them all as Designated Heroes (If they're not already).
11:04:08 PM Mar 3rd 2010
I thought they raised their voice.

Or am I thinking of creepy psychotic pedo voice from other episodes of the same series?
07:01:25 PM Mar 3rd 2010
Peteman: Would anyone else agree with me to add "Rape Voice" for Fan Nickname? Because there comes a point in many episodes where the rapist is cornered and he starts engaging in a creepy lowered voice to indicate that he's the bad guy.
07:12:38 PM Mar 3rd 2010
Does happen in a lot of different shows. More a trope than a nickname.
07:13:58 PM Mar 3rd 2010
Really? What other shows?
07:17:43 PM Mar 3rd 2010
edited by FastEddie
Put it through YKTTW. It just rung a bell with me, a voice shift from the actor when the character doesn't have to play innocent anymore. It's always lower in pitch and more guttural.
11:04:20 PM Mar 3rd 2010
I thought they raised their voice.

Or am I thinking of creepy psychotic pedo voice from other episodes of the same series?
08:10:31 PM Oct 8th 2011
Sounds kinda like Evil Sounds Deep
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