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01:47:17 PM Mar 5th 2013
Of what trope is this an example of? Dead Little Sister is gone.
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    • Used with a huge twist. Olivia's half-brother Simon is accused of rape. The accusation turns out to be false, and the one who framed him was the older sister of a mentally unbalanced woman he once dated, who became a deadbeat after she accused him of rape and eventually committed suicide because of it. In reality, she was molested by her father and only cried rape because his innocent advances caused flashbacks of abuse.
    • Again, used with a huge twist in "Bullseye". Whenever suspicion falls on him, the neighborhood watch leader Erik Weber gets weepy about his younger sister who was raped as a child and committed suicide because she couldn't deal with the resulting trauma, citing this as evidence that he could never hurt a child. The twist? Not only is Erik the perp du jour, his sister 1) is still alive and 2) was raped by HIM.
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