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09:18:40 PM Sep 28th 2011
edited by ChrisX
I just realized one thing. Maybe we're a bit too harsh on Jarmin, making her a Complete Monster. Sure, her acts against the Fire & Ice Bouma and Bell Chime Bouma was completely sadistic. However! This site seemed to forget that while at first her relationship with Zimba was rather rocky, when they're sent to death, Jarmin looks visibly sad that Zimba would DARE take her place to be punished. And the next thing after that, when it's her turn to die, it's like she's dedicating her fight for Zimba as in finally reciprocating his feelings for her.

This seems like a big redeeming point that doesn't make Jarmin a Complete Monster but merely 'another villain'. It was an example of at the earlier parts of 'villain-pairing'I thought a Complete Monster would be devoid of such good thing, don't you think?
02:51:46 PM Sep 3rd 2011
Okay, so Riki and Youhei's weapons are known to combine with the Turbolasers to form a stronger weapon. But the problem is, only Youhei's upgraded weapon has a name. When his J-Gun combines with the Turbolaser's Gun Mode, it becomes the J-Machine Gun, a More Dakka gun. What is the name of Riki's upgraded weapon when his GT Sword combines with the Turbolaser's Sword Mode and what kind of sword does it become?
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