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01:57:11 AM Feb 22nd 2015
The Chick is not a trope about battle prowess, and the tacked on natter is even less relevant:
  • The Chick: Misaki Yuriko, with the only attack that she can use and live being about as good as a strong shove. Anything worse than three foot soldiers and she winds up tied up. Though at heart, she is more of a hero than Jou himself at times.
    • That's not entirely fair. If she isn't taken by surprise, she can take on large groups of henchmen, and on three occasions she's done well against kaijin (though yes, pretty much every other one beat her up): One which beat her the first time, but she put on an impressive showing in the rematch, learning to counter its attack; a fish-like kaijin later on in the series which, when she finally ran into it, she straight-up handed its ass to it; and of course the one all the other spoilers are talking about, that she destroys via self-destruct.
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