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11:15:29 PM Nov 20th 2012
The entry on Immortality Begins at 20 mentions Immortals can become so, and thus be stuck at, any age from childhood to middle age. I find it interesting that no Immortals seem to be older than that. Apparently either if they die older than perhaps fifty, they don't become immortal, or they have a strong psychological attraction to dangerous situations which would tend to lead to them dying while still young and fit. The latter seems most likely. Amanda and Richie both liked to break into other peoples' places and take their stuff, and when Richie got held at swordpoint by someone who threatened to chop off his head and then proceeded to do so to someone else, he actually came *back* to spy on him. Nick Wolf, the other main primmie we've met, was a cop, and eventually did die on the job. Vast numbers of Immies were soldiers or adventurers. Seems like some deep instinct leads pre-Immortals towards dangers that will ensure they meet their first death while still in good fighting condition.
08:24:03 AM Nov 21st 2012
Another possibility is that if your first death is when you're old and frail, you're not going to be in much shape to keep someone from chopping your head off.
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