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10:20:36 PM Mar 25th 2012
Not positive enough to just go and add it, but a possible shoutout: He repeatedly refers to things, most commonly pots as " the ___ range. as Arnie does in the first Terminator asking for a plasma rifle in a gun shop.
07:23:59 PM Oct 27th 2011
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Back on August before the Good Eats page was moved to the Series tab, this got added:

6th Aug '11 5:07:14 PM theLibrarian
Added line(s) 57 (click to see context) :
* Did Not Do The Research: The barbecue episode had Columbus speaking to Alton in Spanish. Columbus was Italian, not Spanish.

Not so fast there, Negative Nellie. Let's not forget that Columbus was leading a Spanish expedition, not an Italian one. If we're really going to get technical, Columbus was also Genoan, not Italian, as Italy was not a unified state at the point.

Columbus was also fluent in several different languages (he had to have been to lead an expedition with the backing of a foreign country), of which evidence is easily obtainable with even a cursory search; excerpts from Google Books and pictures of letters written by Columbus easily prove that.

For those reasons, it doesn't hurt Alton's "research cred" one bit if he shows Columbus speaking Spanish despite being Italian.
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