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10:33:11 AM May 31st 2011
edited by OldManHoOh

Jesse is in striketags, but that's since been dropped from the wiki. Can anyone elaborate on this example better?
03:22:45 PM Sep 16th 2010
In response to emeriin: Yes, please. If Doug Walker watched the whole series before tearing into it, that would be a different story than if he watched about half a dozen episodes, to say the least. (I actually thought hearing that he only watched a few episodes explained a few things about his review, but if one of his fellow reviewers outright says he did...)

And while I'm at it, let me just say that I am in awe of your reverting speed. I applaud you.
03:33:56 PM Sep 16th 2010
edited by emeriin
No problem, and thank you for the applauding. ;)

This is what was said, hope it helps:

"I think you guys may also be forgetting is that, again, he apparently watched THE ENTIRE SERIES, which probably means he may not have had a lot of time to look up a lot of information about all of these people and the situations around them, plus you can only have an episode run for so long before you think it's just going to take too long to put together for editing purposes."
06:25:49 AM Sep 17th 2010
edited by Caswin
Hmm... good job, again, but for what it's worth, he followed that up a few posts later with this:

"...though I don't know it for a fact, but since people have pointed out that a lot of the clips came from throughout the series, it's a possibility. ^_~ I'll ask him about it next chance I get."
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