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01:52:57 AM Feb 15th 2014
Is Canada as well hidden on Forever Knight as people seem to think? I have to confess that I hadn't noticed a lot originally, but now that I started looking for Canadian references, it seems that they were everywhere, in plain sight, just that people who were not aware of them simply did not notice.
08:52:09 PM Mar 22nd 2012
La Croix seems motivated by intense loneliness. He runs a talk-show despite having zero need for money, so what can his motivation be except to make people talk to him? And he created Nick and Janette and basically put them together, apparently willing to give them everything and get nothing in return except company. For all his pretense of evil magnificence, he seems willing to give others everything if they will simply endure his presence. Not sure what tropes all this leads too, though.
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