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07:37:35 PM Mar 29th 2014
So, is there a proper place around here for the Comic book related stuff? I'm thinking both the one-off comics (Float Out, Shepherd's Tale, Better Days, etc.) and the continuation series (Serenity: Leaves on the Wind). Do we want to just create a Comic Book/Serenity page and toss everything in there under folder headings, or what?
01:38:40 AM Mar 30th 2014
A page ComicBook.Serenity seems good to me.
08:02:41 PM Apr 8th 2014
And done. I'll fill in some more of the tropes later.
01:39:00 PM Feb 6th 2013
This entry was just deleted:

  • Expy: Jubal Early is a lot like Boba Fett. He's a bounty hunter and his ship resembles Fett's Slave I.

Although I'm not the one who added it in the first place, I think he counts. The ship is a dead giveaway. Hell, we can even just say the ship is an expy of the Slave I, if that makes people feel better.
03:57:35 PM Feb 6th 2013
I'd be cool with the ship being an Expy. I just have an issue with Expy itself, because it seems that people keep square-pegging it into "this character vaguely resembles this other character, so they must be Expies!" when an Expy is essentially the exact same character with minor differences.

I know Whedon has said that Early was also inspired by Boba Fett, and the ship itself was a very deliberate reference to that, but Early himself is too dissimilar to be an Expy.
08:48:35 AM Dec 2nd 2012
...Do we SERIOUSLY need a list of 'Averted tropes'?
08:05:35 AM Dec 17th 2012
Little bit, yeah. Lot of Sci-Fi shows don't avert those tropes, so the averted trope gives as much an idea of what the show is as the included tropes.
10:16:46 AM Dec 17th 2012
I really don't think so. Not as a separate list, that is. It should be integrated back into the main list.
01:34:24 PM Jul 24th 2013
Agreed, it's sort of silly. A lot of them aren't even close to Omnipresent Tropes, either, and don't even bear mentioning on the page at all (Really, Reality Has No Subtitles entry? Really?).
02:21:56 PM Jan 20th 2014
I'll reintergrate them back into the main list if no one has any objections.
02:37:16 PM Jan 20th 2014
edited by
Well, most of them can just... go. Most of the aversions aren't of tropes common enough to merit a listing. Though some of them (like Kissing Under the Influence) are specifically referenced by the show so those should go into the main list as a subversion. But things like Instant Emergency Response? That's just a plain aversion of a non-omnipresent trope and as such really has no place on the list.
03:39:10 PM Jan 20th 2014
02:21:20 PM Nov 6th 2011
This topic forgets to describe what the series is ABOUT...
08:12:44 AM Jan 25th 2012
"The show told the story of a run-down tramp freighter, and its crew and passengers, trying to get along in the more isolated reaches of human space in the aftermath of a civil war."

Close enough. The movie is what more gets into the anti-authoritarian evils of government and River's fugitive story, less so much the series.
05:45:09 PM Oct 30th 2011