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11:15:35 AM Mar 28th 2015
I'm proposing that on the character page, all spoilers from the first season be left unmarked. The Moriarty entry is particularly bad for obvious reasons. About half the entries are covered by spoiler tags, and the names of the tropes gives away the spoiler anyways.
03:18:34 PM Mar 15th 2014
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Yanked this misuse of Getting Crap Past the Radar:
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: Sherlock and the "cocks" from "The One Percent Solution".
    • Up to Eleven with Watson, who "doesn't care which cock she's holding". Even Sherlock gives her "the look".

It's a show for adults that airs late on weekdays. I strongly doubt there's much of a Radar to Get Crap Past. And the Double Entendre/Inherently Funny Words is both blatantly obvious and the entire joke, so if there was a Radar, it would've been set off by it.
02:26:31 AM Mar 16th 2014
Aye, that is bad usage.
06:52:11 AM Nov 24th 2013
Why the change of images?
06:38:59 AM Oct 13th 2013
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Sherlock thinks that a missing man may view a reporter as a potential romantic interest as, from the information gleaned earlier, she is the guy's 'type.' Sherlock puts this across as, "You're bespectacled, you're lean and yet possessed of an alluring curve of flank..." Compliment Backfire? The woman takes a moment to realise what he's saying, but quickly moves the conversation on. Joan also gives a sort-of Eye Take. It's not necessarily outright insulting, but it's quite forward and utilising Holmes' fondness for Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness.
08:06:26 AM Jun 25th 2013
Okay seriously, would you consider Watson a Hysterical Woman? I saw an Elementary entry on that page and I promptly deleted it. They also said something about changing Watson from a veteran to a surgeon who quit because she couldn't deal with the stress was Unfortunate Implications (well's there's already something wrong with there because she actually quit due to guilt over killing a patient).

However I then thought I'll run it by a discussion forum. In my opinion,no. She's prone to frustration yes but that's usually reserved with dealing with freaking Sherlock Holmes. Most of the time she's incredibly calm and level-headed despite all her new experiences.

If I'm really wrong here, then I'll put the entry back in.
09:10:02 PM Aug 17th 2013
No, you're right. There's nothing really hysterical about it. They've done a really good job about keeping her character level headed, less prone to outbursts and such.
04:43:45 PM Feb 18th 2013
Something that comes to mind is the Ship Tease. They can't entirely keep a female Watson and a male Holmes away from a relationship as well as they think they can if Executive Meddling has anything to do with it, especially if the executives believe they would work together well as a couple. That's the concern.
07:59:13 AM May 14th 2013
Let's hope it doesn't come to that. I for one really love the platonic friendship between Sherlock and Joan; making it romantic just doesn't sit well with me.
12:12:40 AM May 27th 2013
Let me call something out on this one: Doctor Who went thirty years before the doctor made out with anyone. I'm 100% sure elementary can get away with at least 3 seasons without having sherlock kiss watson.

Now if they invited a redhead character in, it might give away what the creators have in mind....
05:45:04 AM Dec 23rd 2013
I totally ship Holmes and Joan, how could you not when 2 of the hottest actors on this planet are playing them, sharing a home, a career, eating together ( which I find sexy) but it seems like the powers that be have used season 2 to separate them. They have argued in almost every episode, and have none of the end of episode moments in the brownstone that were so intimate in season 1.Why not have a dream/nightmare sequence where they kiss? And a general question, where exactly is Holmes bedroom? I don't think they've ever shown it. I hope it is just across the hall from Watson's...If they are to have even the BFF I'd kill for you, I'd die for you relationship (platonic} the writers and show runners need to change their direction.
03:39:10 PM Dec 26th 2012
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Slightly iffy question - Shout-Out to Sherlock when Elementary's Holmes says that boredom is bad for his health? Seeing how much trouble Sherlock's Sherlock gets into when he's bored, not to mention the blatent lack of gun safety... Or is this just hinting that they have similar tastes since they are similar characters and purely coincidental/unintentional?

Also, is there a trope where The Hero starts passing on their skills to The Lancer? Watson is getting very Sherlockified. In You Do It To Yourself, she mimics the seemingly random spread of paper on the floor and lists various observations. They kind of bounce off each other, having very similar chains of thought until Sherlock gets a bit personal.

Character Development: Although he still thinks very highly of himself, Holmes finds it increasingly easier to admit that he is sometimes wrong, especially when Watson is right. It might be that he has gotten to know her (as we, the viewers have got to know him) or it might be him finally opening up after his stint in rehab. Thoughts?
09:19:22 AM Jan 2nd 2013
It's a Mythology Gag. The original stories and most adaptations make reference to Holmes being dangerous when bored.
12:50:45 PM Feb 24th 2013
In regards to The Hero and The Lancer, some fans of the source material believe Watson did indeed get better at deducing as the years passed. There is some evidence of this in the books—in one of the later stories he mentions being able to follow Holmes' train of deduction, even if he can't get there himself.
12:59:37 PM Nov 28th 2012
  • When Watson starts to worry about Holmes' health (with him being awake two or three days in a row), he answers "Sleep and food deprivation made Sherlock a dull boy."

This can't be confirmed as a shout-out to The Shining. "All work and no play makes ___ a dull boy" (typically the name "Jack" is used) is a much older proverb, dating back to the mid 1600s. Whether or not it's a shout-out is YMMV — does this Holmes seem like the Stephen King and/or horror movie type, or would he only know it as a much older reference.
08:10:44 AM May 14th 2013
... that's ridiculous. At this point, it's inevitably a reference to The Shining.
09:18:31 AM Nov 9th 2012
edited by reno2200
The Sherlock Scan being hard to see is right the first time whatever object is seen on-screen, but whenever a Sherlock-scanned item is relevant to the plot, it gets shown in a flashback with a weird filter. So... Crowning Moment of Awesome when Joan reveals how she found Sherlock's actor friend and gets the same Sherlock Scan filter?

Also, would it count as a Stealth Pun that when Sherlock was repeatedly saying, "Irene," he was described as being 'addled.' Irene Adler being a character from the Doyle canon.
11:11:59 AM Nov 9th 2012
I think the "addled" thing was just a coincidence.
09:12:35 PM Nov 1st 2012
In "while you were sleeping", Sherlock makes a short speech: "From a drop of water a logician could infer the possibility of an Atlantic or a Niagara without having seen or heard of one or the other" It's a word for word quote from Holme's manuscript that Watson sees in "A Study in Scarlet" (They may have changed the bodies of water — I'm not certain)
11:39:38 AM Oct 10th 2012
edited by TheNinth
Not sure if the Actor Allusion examples count. They're more likely coincidence. It's not like they made Holmes an addict because Jonny Lee Miller played a junkie, and I doubt they cast Miller just because he had played a junkie before. Also Watching the Detectives is a logical song for a show about detectives... since the song is about watching crime shows on TV.
07:01:37 PM Oct 10th 2012
edited by TheShadow
I agree that the Trainspotting bits are just a coincidence.

As for "Watching the Detectives" (which isn't about watching crimes shows on TV), but since Lucy Liu starred in that movie, the placement in the show suggests it's referring to her specifically and since the song isn't that well-known, I have a harder time believing it's a coincidence.


Apparently I'm mistaken about it being well-known, but I still doubt it's a coincidence.
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