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05:19:16 PM Sep 8th 2017
Currently the page Creator.Keith Olbermann redirects to this one.

Given that:
  • there is another Keith Olbermann work page (WebVideo.The Resistance With Keith Olbermann), and
  • this page contains trope examples that are particular to the creator (Keith), rather than the work (Countdown), as well as tropes relating to different works (mostly the 2013-2015 ESPN show)

...therefore, I recommend that we disable the redirect and allow the creation of a separate Creator.Keith Olbermann page.
07:19:30 PM Sep 8th 2017
I second the motion of the right honorable gentleman!
07:46:39 PM Sep 8th 2017
Motion thirded!
02:34:34 PM Dec 4th 2014
I wonder if we shouldn't move this page to Keith Olbermann...
03:01:40 PM Dec 4th 2014
It's about the program, not the creator. I am thinking not.
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