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03:10:20 PM Aug 20th 2014
There are some things in the reboot which are a definite Take That to creationism/Young Earth/intelligent design, but not all of these examples are—if it's prefaced with "could be", "perhaps", "casual statement" etc it's essentially "Arguably" which means it doesn't count.

Creationists/Young Earthers/intelligent designers basically think that the whole entire show is a Take That towards their views, but there's a distinction between "Tyson specifically devotes time to debunking a claim of theirs" and "Tyson happens to talk about things they hate in the context of some other thing", like the Pleiades myths and the repetition of the Deluge myths. I'm sure he knew that they'd get all pissed off about the latter two instances, but he didn't do it specifically to point out their wrongness the way he did with eye evolution.

09:01:59 PM Mar 16th 2014
In the second episode there is an image of the cavemen IN the fire Tyson is tending. I'm wondering if this is a trope - I checked for vision in flames and similar, but no dice.
09:12:35 AM Mar 17th 2014
I don't think we have such a trope. Might want to propose it in YKTTW.
05:59:44 PM Nov 15th 2013
Should there be separate "Cosmos 1980" and "Cosmos 2014" articles?
01:42:14 AM Nov 16th 2013
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Try using separate sections on the page first, like is done on The Hobbit (for movie sequels) and The Phantom of the Opera (for adaptations).
12:18:23 AM Dec 14th 2013
Yeah, that seems reasonable.
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