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11:25:25 PM Jan 19th 2011
I removed the Complete Monster entry for Gash because all things considered, he's just an emotionless lackey of Bias, therefore most of the acts were like an extension of Bias' acts. He's just a robot who follows orders without manipulation et all... that's a Complete Monster?
06:28:40 AM Jan 14th 2011
Uh once again the Five-Man Band stuff confused me again. No, not Junichi, but Jou and Tetsuya. In what way Tetsuya is The Big Guy instead of Jou, and vice versa about The Lancer? Let's take a look here:
  • Jou's weapon is the Lion Bazooka, a BFG. It puts him quite in the heavy weaponry requirement for The Big Guy. What's so... big about a rod (The Bison Rod)?
  • Yuusuke is just as much as a slacker as Jou was in the early days. So... their personalities didn't clash much for The Hero and The Lancer. On the other hand, just as Yuusuke matures to value life more, there comes Tetsuya with his revenge obsession that could make him Leeroy Jenkins at times...
  • When the group executes their full role-call, Black Bison took up the Number Two seat from Yellow Lion.
  • Tetsuya could be the 'leader' of the secondary machine (Live Boxer). Well that sounds quite more like Lancer qualities than Big Guy.

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